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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Precleanse (150ml) View/Buy

Katie Wade on 04/04/2012
WOW, I love this product. It has a delicious smell and it lovely to use. It has made my sometimes dry skin feel soft and supple after the first couple of uses. I combine this with the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution I normally use, and have really noticed a difference in the way my skin looks. I suffer with a congested T zone and even this does not seem as congested. Love this product - would definately recommend to anyone.
Katharine Taylor on 31/10/2012
I have flirted with the idea of trying Dermalogica for years but always thought it might be over-priced, wouldn't work etc Anyway, fate intervened and after a recent bout of dodgy skin having come off the pill, I thought I'd go for it so invested in the Precleanse and Daily Micofoliant to start off with. I had seen the reviews on both which encouraged me to try them but I was still sceptical given how temperamental my skin can be. I definitely thought Precleanse wouldn't live up to its reputation! Anyway, you can guess what's coming. The first time I tried it, I was staggered at how much make-up it removed from my face. The product does exactly what it says on the bottle - foundation, waterproof mascara, everything just melted before my eyes and landed straight in the sink once I'd got to the rinse stage. Better still, my skin really did feel clean and I hadn't even moved on to stage 2! Suffice to say I am impressed and so pleased I invested in it. The texture and clarity of my skin has really started to improve using both this and Daily Microfoliant. Thank you, Dermalogica and Pure Beauty!
Emily Stanton on 24/04/2013
Everything about this product is amazing. As a make up remover, it's the best I have EVER used. Its kind to my eyes, doesn't irritate my skin and removes ever last scrap including my waterproof mascara! My skin is looking less congested and better than it has in years. And on top of all that It smells GORGEOUS. I cant go anywhere without it now. Has made a visible difference to my skin paired with the 'daily microfoliant'.
Rebecca Sage on 06/02/2013
Fantastic to use as a night cleanse, really gets all the make up and daily grime off with so little effort - and as it's oil based my skin feels great afterwards and not dry at all :)
Geetha Harischandra on 11/02/2013
I love it! It is an amazing product. The smell is divine and the cleansing just perfection! I absolutely recommend it 100%
Suzanne White on 02/03/2013
I ordered my usual Skin Smoothing Cream (which is the best moisturiser I have ever used) and multi-active toner (best toner!) and thought I would try the special cleansing gel. I have been using Liz Earl cleanse and polish. I also received 2 samples of the pre-cleanse which to be honest didn't know why I would need 2 cleansers - I used the samples anyway and OMG this and the special cleansing gel are amazing! My skin has never felt so soft and clean (deep clean), my makeup is going on better and people have commented on how good my skin looks just in the 2 days I have been using it - I am a complete convert and have just ordered the full size bottle of pre-cleanse - I can highly recommend this and all other dermalogica products as they do exactly what they say they are going to do - very, very happy customer.
Jennifer Hawkins on 25/11/2013
This really does do what it says, make up literally does melt away and it smells gorgeous. It feels quite oily when you put it on but then it turns milky when you wash it with water, coming off beautifully without leaving any residue on the skin. I have just seen that I bought the 150ml bottle back in January and I'm just coming to the end so it does go a long way. I've used it both on its own (when feeling very lazy) and with other cleansers but I prefer to use both for a proper clean.
Samantha Lehane on 23/07/2014
This is my staple beauty item! It really does just melt away makeup. Gone are the pesky face wipes (when I always needed three or four to get the job done properly!) I cannot live without this pre cleanser. Plus my oily skin has never felt so smooth. Thanks Dermalogica!
Jane Wildy on 15/01/2015
Great product - really gentle on your skin. I love when you mix with water it becomes a milky lather taking all your make up off. And as ever Pure Beauty have great prices on this
Lilly Brennan on 29/01/2016
Excellent makeup remover, this product is a must have for your cleansing routine. Melts away any dirt and makeup from your face leaving it feeling clean without drying skin out. So happy I found pure beauty online as its cheaper and fast delivery :)