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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Precleanse (150ml) View/Buy

Jane Wildy on 15/01/2015
Great product - really gentle on your skin. I love when you mix with water it becomes a milky lather taking all your make up off. And as ever Pure Beauty have great prices on this
Lilly Brennan on 29/01/2016
Excellent makeup remover, this product is a must have for your cleansing routine. Melts away any dirt and makeup from your face leaving it feeling clean without drying skin out. So happy I found pure beauty online as its cheaper and fast delivery :)
Nikita Patel on 02/05/2016
Amazing product, felt amazing on my skin but after a few days I noticed I was getting large, sore under the skin spots. I was already suffering with acne when I purchased this product but it made my acne worse and also left deep scarring.
Jakub Hanczyk on 01/04/2016
Great product!, Purched it before and really pleased with what it does to the skin, leaves the skin feeling moisturised and cleans always all the dirty that builds up on the skin in the day, guys can also use it, like myself
Maria Masali on 07/04/2016
amazing product! i used it for two days now and i love how clean my skin feels! highly recommended. also great service, i will order again from Pure-beauty as i started recently using dermatological products and I am amazed by the results.
Revinder Chahal on 23/05/2016
I have used this product now for years, and only purchase from pure beauty - fast realiable site..
Felicity Harvey on 07/04/2017
Just discovered Pure Beauty through a search engine looking for Dermalogica products... and I can def say after ordering through other sites this is the best site I have found!! Just ordered Precleanse on offer & I LOVE it!! Smells wonderful & works!
Nyame Rouse-Farooq on 01/02/2018
Ive come back to this amazing product after trying the precleanse balm. I found balm difficult to apply to eyes with mit and left stinging residue on eyes, even after rinsing. Balm great idea for travel, but precleanse superior for everyday.
Amy Harvey on 25/03/2020
I use this every night before having a shower - the smell is amazing. Spend a couple of minutes massaging in to my face whilst slowly breathing and inhaling before washing with warm water - heaven! Really good at removing makeup. Used it for years.
Amy Scott on 31/05/2020
I absolutely love this product for that first step of cleansing and it really does cut through make up, sunscreen & any products. I never thought an oil would actually make me feel cleaner but I would be lost without it! Cleansing yet nourishing!