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Since 2007 we have always had a very clear focus on minimising the affect that our business has on the environment and how we can lessen the impact through the choices we make everyday. We hope this provides you with an overview of how we mitigate our environmental impact.

Packaging at Pure Beauty

From day 1, package 1 in 2007 we have always used recyclable materials in our packaging.

Boxes not Plastic Bags

We have always used cardboard boxes to send our Customers' orders. Very simple and straightforward. Now we cannot pretent that the manufacturing of the boxes does not have an impact, but through using cardboard, which is pulped trees, at least we are using a biodegradable product that ensures that more trees are planted to replace them, and this is often a higher ration than was used to make the box: more trees are planted than was used. Cardboard and paper alike can be made as a by-product of the Timber Industry which prevents waste.

Starch not Polystyrene

We are very often asked why we are still using Polystyrene filler in our boxes. The simple aswer is that we don't and we never have. We use biodegradable Starch Filler and have since day 1. It's brilliant stuff, works brilliantly and can then be composted along with your kitchen waste. Even if you don't compost, at the very least you know that it will biodegrade in the natural way. Try it: pop one in a bit of water and you'll see how it goes very stick and very messy - so better just to pop it in the compost bin.

That's it really. We send leaflets and brochures with our orders and they are recyclable. Clean and simple.


This has always been our biggest headache in terms of carbon and impact upon the environment. It comes down to the fact that in order to make the impact of each parcel less it should be sent with the the biggest parcel carrier. The more parcels on a lorry the lower the impact of each package. So we use Royal Mail. That's the best answer we could find.

Couriers are a particular issue for companies like ours. Due to the size of the packages we send most couriers have a Plastic Bag service into which they insist the box goes. Madness. They are also individual vans driving to individual addresses which has a much higher cardbon footprint than a postie or even a Royal Mail van which generally operate in a much more localised way and in a smaller geographical area.


Our overall impact is too high which is true for most businesses.

We consume power and fuel to heat and light our Beauty Salon in Lichfield, from where we process and send our Customers' Orders. We don't have a great big wharehouse with all of the issues associated with these types of premises. Our building is a fully refurbished Georgian Building with insulation used thoughout and an modern and up-to-date Gas Boiler.

It is our hope to install Solar PV on our very large roof at somepoint in the near future and generate our own power and to install Air Source Heat Pumps when we have our own power. We hope to do this sooner rather than later to help further improve our impact on the environment and perhaps encourage our customers and clients alike.


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