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We encourage our customers to write reviews on the Professional Skincare and Haircare Products they have bought from us to better help other customers when they are choosing which products they would like to buy. All of the reviews that we have published have been checked thoroughly to ensure that our customers have bought the products from us. We do not beleive in publishing fake reviews.

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Pure Night (50ml) View/Buy

Nicola Richardson on 11/06/2012
Don't be put off by the hefty price tag,it's worth it's weight in gold,after only a couple of weeks I noticed old breakout scars and discolouration and pigmentation marks were reduced by about 80% and skin felt lovely in the morning ,great product
Lubna Rahman on 07/09/2012
Lovely night cream, has really improved the brightness of my complexion, had many people notice the improvement in my skin which is quite uneven in tone. Although expensive, you don't have to use that much and so it lasts a long while. Would definitely recommend!

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Pure Night (50ml) View/Buy

Cassandra Jackson on 30/12/2020
I use the whole range of Pure light products and have done for a long time. Beautiful hydrating and brightening products which keep my ageing skin wrinkle free and happy!

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel (30ml) View/Buy

Deborah Lister on 07/07/2020
Great great product. I have pigmentation and can see a difference after two uses. It doesn't upset my sensitive skin either which is a real bonus. When you break down the cost per tube, its great value for the results you get.Will certainly buy again

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil (30ml) View/Buy

Edelina Morgan on 03/06/2020
Only received this product less than a week ago. Initially I was a bit sceptical about an oil based product as I have oily acne prone skin however it's not greasy in the slightest. It seems to melt into the skin and I can apply my night cream on top

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque (75ml) View/Buy

Lucy Kneebone on 08/02/2009
What a fab product!! Used once so far and after i had washed it off my skin felt amazingly soft and smooth well worth the money.
VESSELA LEIPER on 23/03/2009
great product- the only one so far that keeps my teenage daughter\'s acne under control; anything that can make a teenager say thank you once and a while is worth every penny...
Stella Pettersson on 04/01/2011
Excellent product! I have oily skin with occasional acne breakouts, so it\'s perfect to use just 1-3 times a week. It clears breakouts as well as prevents future ones - really a wonderful product!
Ed Howard on 01/11/2011
I have oily, acne-prone skin and this mask is great to keep the oil under control. I only use it once a week or so but it makes a huge difference. It feels really cooling on the skin and once washed off, my skin feels incredibly clean without being dry.
Jodie Schubert on 20/01/2014
Ordered this after I receieved a free sample with a previous order. Amazing! In less than ten mins my skin felt so much clearer with reduced breakouts, even if only used once a week makes a huge difference. Also makes skin appear brighter and fresher. Easy to apply and easy to wash off! Highly recomended!