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Our Customers' Reviews of our Skincare Products

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Skin Kit - Normal/Dry View/Buy

Clare Maslowski on 26/12/2010
These products are such good quality and in convenient sized bottles to take anywhere. Thankyou pure Beauty.
Camille Smyth on 12/12/2012
Fabulous products, after using the special cleansing gel my skin felt amazing. The gift set is the perfect size for traveling home for Christmas and I get to take my favourite Dermalogica products with me on the plane! Pure beauty is a great service, I'm always confident my products will be delivered swiftly and in perfect condition at great prices.
Kate Hobbs on 28/12/2012
This kick started my love of dermalogica and I have to say that since I started using these products it has changed the condition of my skin...and my confidence! I had red/dry/flaky/dull skin and now I am glowing and rarely wear makeup!! Also, pure beauty is just a wonderful website. Customer service is second to none and I will always order my products from here!!
Charlene Goodwin on 16/07/2013
Great little starter kit. Has all of the essentials and just makes you want to buy more! So glad I was introduced to dermalogica. Moved from Clarins to Dermalogica and will never go back!!
Lynda Copson on 27/02/2015
What can I say? All my favourite Dermalogica products in handy travel sizes. Perfect for hand luggage on planes, with the added bonus of the multi active toner bottle being reusable! If you are planning to give Dermalogica products a go these handy skin kits are the perfect introduction to their beauty regime. And with Pure Beauty's efficient service, great prices and samples it's a win-win choice. I've used Dermalogica for over 10 years and have never had a problem - their products are great for my sensitive skin. Don't be put off by the price - a little goes a long way.
Lucy Jepson on 22/06/2015
This kit is a fab introduction to Dermalogica. It will last at least a month and will give you chance to see how your skin feels and improves with these products. Great for travel too!
Imogen Hudson on 28/07/2016
A great starter kit for anyone wanting to try out the products over a few weeks- I never feel like a get a real feel for a product when just using a one off sample, so these packs are ideal. I am a total convert to deems logics after using this kit

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Skin Kit - Normal/Oily View/Buy

Zahraa Al-Najjar on 06/05/2011
This kit is absolutely great for combination skin! A little bit of the face wash is enough for the whole face and it leaves it really clean and smooth without drying the skin. The skin prep scrub is great and you can instantly notice the difference in your skin after using it. The lip balm that comes with it is just amazing and I cant go without it now. Its just perfect and contains spf15 which great to protect the lip area while keeping moisterized. The active moist cream is also perfect for combination skin and it sinks into your skin perfectly.
Sophie West on 06/11/2011
I've bought this kit twice now and it lasts me about 2 months-and I've still got plenty of toner and scrub left from the first kit! The delivery is always fast and packaged really well. My skin is much clearer and nowhere near as oily as it was before i started using Dermalogica. My next purchase will be the Pre-cleanse, as the samples have converted me! :)
Beckie Davies on 09/02/2012
A great kit - great for travelling as well! I purchased it after previously trying some of the contents in samples, but didnt want to commit to the full size until I was certain my skin was okay with the products - my skin doesnt like a lot of products unfortunately - however, this has been great! It great if you have combination skin, the active moist is my favourite part, it's a great light moisturiser and the fact that it is oil free is great if your skin doesnt like thick moisturisers like mine. I'll be buying the full size versions next time!