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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel (50ml) View/Buy

Uzma Choudhry on 05/12/2011
I tried the free sample and felt great in the morning, it worked brilliantly for me and now i have ordered it and cant wait to get it. Highly recommended...
Ria Tsangari on 16/01/2012
Have used this for a few nights now and there is definite reduction in soreness and redness. I have mild adult acne and this seems to be the only product I've tried that goes anywhere near clearing it up. A much happier face indeed!
Nicola Richardson on 16/04/2012
I've just started using this clearing gel and I'm really impressed! It's a very light ,non greasy, non irritating gel that is applied all over the face at night at times of breakouts . I have to say that it's absolutely divine on my oily skin and is light as a feather. It doesn't sting or irritate my sensitive skin and if used at the beginning of a breakout , can clear by the morning! It's my little bottle of magic!
Emily Stanton on 24/04/2013
I ordered this after trying the sample and it has lived up to my expectations! I have very mild acne and its keeping my skin clear after using for 2 weeks. After a couple of nights treatment it reduced redness and soreness. Now used as part of daily facial routine it's keeping my skin looking far more healthy and less inflamed.
Patricia Peacock on 17/01/2013
I tried a sample of this and have now invested in a full bottle. I was a little worried about how it would react on my sensitive, post chemo, skin so I tried in just on one tiny area to start. But I need not have worried - it works a treat. Even after one night my spots were calmer. I use the ultracalming range during the day and then just cleanse, mist and put this on at night. It isn't drying at all and I found it to be very calming on my skin. Defintely works and I would recommend. I would also thank the customer service team who recommended this for my sudden acne flare up skin (I'm 45). Thank you!

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum (15ml) View/Buy

Helen Keay on 02/04/2012
I was lucky enough to try out a 5ml sample bottle, mixing 5 drops in with my active moist on an evening. I was amazed at the difference after only 3-4 days my skin felt and looked great. Lines started to disappear around the lips which now look fuller and younger. I do not have a problem with lines around the eyes so I cannot comment there! I suffer from the occasional break-out so was worried this may add to the problem as it does seem oily, however it has been the opposite and have had no break-out since using it! After 4 weeks my 5ml bottle is still half full so good value for money! Love this product!
Sally Toone on 25/01/2014
I would thoroughly recommend this serum to anyone who wants a gentle, yet effective treatment for night time. I use this under the Barrier Repair and find that my skin feels rested and calm in the morning. Even its scent is calming!
Katie Wade on 29/08/2012
I bought this serum having had a couple of samples of it. I use it at night after the daily microfoliant. The serum has a beautiful smell and in the mornings my skin looked bright and hydrated. A little goes a long way, so you only need a few drops. Don't worry if your skin is oily, mine can be too and I did have reservations about putting a serum on it, but it does not leave my skin feeling greasy at all. Well worth the money, I would definately buy this product again.
Amney Nasser on 11/03/2015
I love Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum. I noticed a huge difference in no time and so did other friends that introduced it to me.. In fact it taken around 7 years off within 3 months of using it. Personally I would recommend this to everyone! its a miracle serum like no other!!!

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair (30ml) View/Buy

Lesley Butler on 31/10/2015
I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and it has already made a huge difference to my skin. I experienced minimal flaking and have soon been able to reduce the amount of buffer cream. My skin looks so much clearer and I am delighted.