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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (74g) View/Buy

Fiona Morris on 08/04/2008
This is a great product for lifting dead skin cells, etc., off the skin and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully smooth with a real healthy glow from first usage.
Sandra McGuigan on 30/04/2008
This is the product that has turned my skin around. I suffer from acne - at age 37!! and over the last two/three weeks of using Daily Microfoliant my skin has changed for the better - its smoother, softer and virtually no break outs! My skin looks healthy and this is a first for a very long time.
Marina Galkina on 16/10/2008
Excellent product, my skin never felt so smooth. Would recommend everyone to try.
Kimberley Evans on 06/10/2008
fast & quick delivery- as I suffer from dry/sensitive skin this product has been excellent & irritant free, I also have suffered brown pigment spots on my face & since using this product I have noticed them reducing, the microfoliant is very light on the face & I have used this day & night I have noticed a massive difference in my complexion many thanks pure beauty
Irina Pasin on 29/10/2008
This is brilliant product to remove excess oil and dead skin cells without using harsh exfoliator every day. My skin texture has improved and even some of acne scars are a bit less visible!
Jane Walker on 24/01/2009
my skin is classic oily T-zone,and as I get older,I find the dryer parts are suffering with me using the harsher products I used to use.I had my first facial recently,and was introduced to Dermalogica products,wow!my face never felt so good,and this was one of my favorite products of those suggested after my face mapping.I would recommend this to anyone!And thanks to pure beauty I can get all these products at great prices,and such as fast delievery!!
Lucy Kneebone on 16/02/2009
This is one of the strangest exfoliators i have ever used but also one of the best, the reason for this is because its a powder formula that you mix with water into a paste and when you use it you dont have the rough feeling you get with most exfoliators it is very gentle, but after you have dried your face you have the softest and most smoothest feeling skin. Fantastic product!
Caroline Walker on 13/03/2009
I have always stayed away from exfoliants as i have such sensative skin that i always found they left my face sore and red. Not this product. It is so soft and gentle but still does the job it is designed to do. My face feels refreshed, clean and so soft after using this product. Finally an exfoliant that i am able to use with confidance.
Sam Millar on 28/05/2009
This product is a definite must for anyone wanting to reveal a smoother, softer skin, it is gentle enough to use on a daily basis, I love it.
Anne Bonney on 17/10/2009
This was recommended by a dermalogica expert and I was a bit sceptical - a powder made from rice did not sound like something I wanted to put on my face. However, I gave it a go as many exfoliants I\'ve tried in the past have been to harsh. The powder becomes a smooth paste with the addition of water on your hands. It rubs into the face well - you can feel a little texture, but nothing too harsh. It also washes away easily, which some exfoliants I\'ve previously tried don\'t. The effect is gentle, but noticeable and over time has really made a difference to my skin.