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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (74g)

Review by Anjana Jagdish
"This product is just right for polishing your skin without damaging it. You can feel the silky smooth feeling of the skin, right after using the product.It is the right exfoliant to use daily to keep your skin looking fresh!" (Posted 15/11/2011)

Review by Naima Shariff
"This is the one product I could not live without, it works miracles for my skin clears out my spot before they get out of control and very gently on skin. The delivery was quick and efficient very lovely service" (Posted 30/12/2011)

Review by Patricia Phillips
"This is the best product I have ever purchased. It has literally wiped away my lines and wrinkles and has given me a fresh clear complexion after just 2 weeks of continual use. I have tried lots of products and was a little sceptical when I used this but from the first time I could see an improvement and was hooked!" (Posted 30/04/2012)

Review by Anja King
"Having tested various exfoliators over the years, finding the Daily Microfoliant has been a blessing. Unlike other products, this is supa gentle on your delicate facial skin, yet does what it's supposed to do. I don't use it daily but it's good to know that I could, without irritating my skin. I have bought this for the second time, the first 75g lasted for a very long time. Brilliant product!" (Posted 29/05/2012)

Review by kerry smith
"Since having my daughter 3 years ago my skin has suffered from lack of sleep and attention. I was left with clogged and dull skin. I tried every kind of product, both cheap and expensive, and finally I have found something that makes a difference! I have used Dermalogica in the past and decided to try the Daily Microfoliant. It is worth every penny, I use it after washing my face in the shower while my skin is moist and it has made so much difference. My skin is now even toned, I have 80% less backheads and my skin glows when I put my make up on. The product is easy to use and smells pure, it really feels like Im doing something good to my skin rather than just plying it with chemicals. Would definitely recommend" (Posted 24/06/2012)

Review by Rebecca Iwanczuk
"I have slightly dry skin and struggle to find an exfoliant that isn't too strong. The Daily Microfoliant is mild enough to use everyday, but still feels like you are getting a deep clean. Really good!" (Posted 12/08/2012)

Review by Katharine Taylor
"I started using this for the first time about a week ago as the next step to Precleanse and love it. As others users have said, it's gentle enough to use daily but really does the job, leaving my skin looking a lot more radiant and feeling clean. I also love the fact that as with all other products in the Dermalogica range, it's formulated with so many natural ingredients so psychologically feels better to use than the cheap stuff I used to use. Mixing it up into a paste is not remotely an issue and, as others have said, the best thing to do is simply add it to wet hands rather than a lot of water. All in all, great product!" (Posted 31/10/2012)

Review by Tasha Coles
"Well I've waited months until I reviewed this, and I have to say all very positive. It seems to have lasted me well over a year, which is always good for your pocket. However this website is so much value for money you can't winge. This product starts off as a powder add some warm water and it foams up, leaves your skin so soft and smooth, skin doesn't get greasy, spots cleared up with daily use, and doesn't have any nasty smell! Deffo reccomend buying this product!" (Posted 12/02/2013)

Review by Emily Stanton
"Love this product- a must for part of my daily skin care routine! Kind to my sensitive skin and leaves it looking polished, clean and beautifully soft! Highly recommended!" (Posted 24/04/2013)

Review by Mrs L Lourens
"Best exfoliator I've ever tried. I have normal/dry skin but it is gentle enough to use every day. My skin feels amazing and 'baby soft' after every use. Brilliant product." (Posted 18/12/2013)