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Our Customers' Reviews of our Skincare Products

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (74g) View/Buy

Mrs L Lourens on 18/12/2013
Best exfoliator I've ever tried. I have normal/dry skin but it is gentle enough to use every day. My skin feels amazing and 'baby soft' after every use. Brilliant product.
Katie Swan on 21/01/2015
I was recommended this product, as my skin is sensitive & doesn't react well to most exfoliators. They're too harsh / abrasive so I thought I just couldn't exfoliate. This is lovely, you tap out a small amount of the powder, mix it up gently with warm water till it foams and you can feel a very gentle scrubbing action when applied on the skin. I can use it every day which is great, and it never leaves my skin feeling red or angry (as so many products do.) You only need a little bit of the powder so it lasts for ages, even with daily use. One of my must-haves!
Jayne Worth on 23/02/2015
I have many exfoliators too harsh for my skin. This product is gentle but also gives good results. Make sure you add enough water to build up a smooth paste. Definitetly the best exfoliator for a more sensitive skin.
Kelly Bennett on 11/03/2015
Absolutely fantastic. Even after I used it once, my face was left so soft. It's gentle texture doesn't irritate my sensitive skin but gives me a super energised face every morning.
Wai Li on 18/03/2015
Got one of this as a sample with my first order. After the first use, I felt in love with it, it made my face so smooth and feels amazing! It is so gentle and even my 5 year old noticed how smooth my face is afterwards! Would definitely recommend this product.
Suzanne Sheppard on 09/04/2015
Fabulous, have used this produce for many years and it continues to deliver great results, even with my super-sensitive skin!
Kelly Strachan on 28/05/2015
Absolutely love this! Best exfoliator I have ever used! Leaves my face looking and feeling soft and smooth! Only need a small amount so lasts a long time
Jackie Barrett on 10/12/2015
Leaves my skin smooth and bright, looks and feels great. Would highly recommend.
Stephanie Hampton on 28/11/2019
Makes my skin feel super soft! Only a small amount of powder is needed so a little goes a long way. Would recommend.
Jennifer Maiden on 03/12/2019
The mixture of physical exfoliants and enzymes mean this is a really effective exfoliant but it is also really gentle on your skin. One of my all time favourites