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Reviews of Dermalogica, Decleor, Elemis and Jan Marini Products by our Customers

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Our Customers' Reviews of our Skincare Products

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (74g) View/Buy

Jane Levonian on 26/05/2010
Definetely 5 stars all the way - this along with the daily resurfacing pads has given amazing results to my skin. My oiley skin, quite prone to breakouts has dramatially improved
Allison Fraser on 21/11/2010
This is a fantastic product for anyone with problem skin. I have adult acne, and this stuff not only helps to dry up existing spots, but makes the skin look cleaner and smoother straight away. I totally recommend this to anyone that wants to clean their facial skin up. It\'s not cheap, but the pot is enormous! Try the trial size first if you prefer - that lasted me 2 months, so this should last me for a very long time indeed! Ooh, and I got a promotional pack with two travel sized products I hadn\'t expected - DELIGHTED!!! Love you pure beauty.
F Harris-Golesworthy on 30/11/2010
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is the best exfoliant ever! It out-performs even very expensive products to give a polished finish, and is reasonably priced. I have many problems with my skin, but this leaves it glowing and healthy-looking. With the free samples on this site, you can try before you buy, as well.
Kim Freeman on 07/02/2011
This is amazing! It makes a huge difference. If find it much easier to exfoliate a little every day than forgetting to use a scrub a few times a week. It lasts for ages as you only need a litle. It\'s not gritty and harsh but really exfoliates well. Excellent at getting rid of blackheads too. Has really improved my skin. I love it\"
Emily Russell on 01/03/2011
I suffer from eczema and consequently have very dry skin. From first use, my skin dramatically improved. Definitely a must have product to help buff away dry flaky skin each day.
Sarah Polak on 06/03/2011
This is so simple to use and really effective. My skin tends to break out with exfoliators but with this because it is gentle enough to use everyday, if anything my skin has improved after using it!
Jay Bains on 30/03/2011
When I had used the microfoliant first I was amazed with the results,it made my skin smooth,soft and refreshed.No faults at all.Easy to use and a great buy.
Zahraa Al-Najjar on 31/03/2011
I ordered this great product after reading the good reviews about it here. I have noticed a great difference from the first use and I have been using it for few days now. It made my skin so much smoother and brighter and I love how you can make a paste of it so you can control the cosistency. It is also very easy to use, you just wet your hands, put the powder, rub it with your fingers and put it on your face. It is much easier to make than it sounds and a little bit of it can cover the whole face so it is very good value for money. Definately recommend it!
Sophie Floyd on 07/04/2011
Fantastic product, not too abrasive on my skin, yet it exfoliates really well!
Bhakti Rajpurkar on 02/05/2011
I have oily skin, I use this product regularly. Everytime I use it.... my skin feels soft and looks clear, I follow it with Active moist, they both together work for me... this product will never disappoint anyone, i am very happy of my purchase