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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 (50ml)

Review by Julie Ware
"This moisturiser really made a difference to my skin the first time I used it; it looks fresher and more radiant. I've even had compliments about my skin for the first time ever. The SPF30 is a great addition - two products for the price of one." (Posted 09/07/2008)

Review by C Mullins
"This product provided superb protection from the sun whilst on holiday. However it also caused my skin to break out in pimples and it has a rather strange smell which seemed to linger!. I've tried using this product a couple of times since and again my skin broke out in pimples. I think next time I will stick to adding an SPF booster to my regular moisturiser. " (Posted 23/09/2008)

Review by Amy Bichan
"I love this moisturiser. My skin feels really hydrated after using it, you only need a very small amount for your face and neck and it includes SPF30, two products for the price of one!! I also like the handy pump dispenser." (Posted 04/07/2009)

Review by Jane Sprules
"Being near 50 than 40 I think this product used in conjunction with other Age Smart products makes a big difference. I use this in the morning and my other Dermalogica moisturiser in the evening. The lingering smell is probably that of lilly. Like Ronseal, does what it says." (Posted 16/07/2009)

Review by Kerrie Regan
"This is a fantastic product, it is the most effective moisturiser I have ever used and has an impressive list of ingredients. I have started using this recently as I have noticed early signs of ageing to my skin and I thought it was time to upgrade moisturiser. This product is fantastic and particularly makes the skin on my forehead look super smooth! Would highly recommend this if your skin is starting to show signs of ageing and especially if you suffer with dryness. 10 out of 10." (Posted 12/08/2009)

Review by Helen Boardman
"What can I say about this product other than it is FANTASTIC! The formula is light and you only need to use a tiny amount to produce soft smooth skin. No dry areas, no blemishes just great feeling skin!" (Posted 15/04/2011)

Review by Linda Burke
"This cream was was recommended by a friend when I quizzed her about how beautiful and fine her complexion looked. This face cream is awesome I have never experienced such a tranformation within 1 hour. My skin became richer and healthy and radiant. You don't need a hugh amount of cream either. I would highly recommend, You will not be disappointed." (Posted 11/11/2011)

Review by Margaret Johnson
"I absolutely love this moisturising cream. Definately the best I have used . My skin feels and looks so much better in such a short time. Dermalogica has made a great difference to me. Excellent service and good price too." (Posted 18/05/2012)

Review by Lesley Butler
"This is the best moisturiser I have ever used. I can't see myself ever changing. It's got a high SPF, doesn't cause clogged pores and if you want to also use make-up it goes on perfectly over it. I have received a number of compliments on my skin since uing it and have very few wrinkles despite being 55." (Posted 16/02/2013)

Review by Amney Nasser
"Simply magnificent!!! I've tried hundreds of different moisturisers.... some of the cheaper brands like Nivea and Olay, and then some of the expensive ones like Creme De La Mer and Clinique. I have to say that this beats them hands down! It's specifically designed to target the problem areas like you're eyes, jawline and neck, and it also doubles up as a day cream and a night cream so you don't need lots of different pots of cream for everything..... it's all together in this one handy pot!" (Posted 11/03/2015)