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Reviews of Dermalogica, Decleor, Elemis and Jan Marini Products by our Customers

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Our Customers' Reviews of our Skincare Products

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser (500ml) View/Buy

Louise Warn on 09/02/2013
This product is amazing. I had been using the special cleansing gel, but after i never felt like my skin had a really good clean, i started using the daily microfoliant with it and it improved, but my skin was never clear still and having pimples all the time sometimes really bad got me down. I switched to dermal clay cleanser have been using it since thurs night, now saturday morning and my skin is nearly clear and looks so much more healthier. I wash my face morning and night using this product then follow with the mircofoliant and then a spritz of multi active toner. Of course you need to moisturise too. It may sound like alot but its not and doesnt take that much time and believe me its worth it. My face hasnt felt this good in a long time and you feel like your getting such a good deep clean but it doesnt dry your skin out. A++++
Kelly Strachan on 28/05/2015
Fantastic cleanser! I alternate between this & special cleansing gel each day and also use this as a masque once a week! Has made such a difference to my skin which is spot prone! Love it
Revinder Chahal on 23/05/2016
love this product as part of my daily cleansing routine.... Best service from pure beauty yet again
Rinisha Tailor on 14/09/2020
Great product have been using it for years. I have sensitive skin and this works so well for me. Highly recommend

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser (50ml) View/Buy

JENNIFER DAVIES on 08/12/2010
Wonderful for my oily forehead and chin, and manages to clear up the blackheads around my nose. Works fabulously with the Oil Control Lotion to clear up my chin and stop any more spots forming. Better than anything I\'ve got from the high street! However be careful using this on your cheeks, as it can be drying and makes them feel a bit tight - stick to your T-Zone unless you have really oily cheeks as well.
Pauline Brady on 18/03/2011
I love this product. It makes my skin feel great, I will never go back and the service from Pure Beauty is fantastic!!!
Viktorija Kulacenkova on 04/05/2012

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 (50ml) View/Buy

Marina Galkina on 16/10/2008
I am very impressed with the product, as it absorbs in a blink of an eye and leaves my skin hydrated all day without annoying shine on the t-zone. I now confidently go out in the sun knowing that I am protected from damaging sun exposure.
Julie Ware on 09/07/2008
This moisturiser really made a difference to my skin the first time I used it; it looks fresher and more radiant. I\'ve even had compliments about my skin for the first time ever. The SPF30 is a great addition - two products for the price of one.
C Mullins on 23/09/2008
This product provided superb protection from the sun whilst on holiday. However it also caused my skin to break out in pimples and it has a rather strange smell which seemed to linger!. I\'ve tried using this product a couple of times since and again my skin broke out in pimples. I think next time I will stick to adding an SPF booster to my regular moisturiser.