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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser (250ml) View/Buy

Lisa Smith on 30/04/2010
Great cleanser, I have tried many cleansers as even at 37yrs i still have oily skin prone to breakouts. This product has really calmed my skin down and i have noticed it is less oily too! Found it a bit too menthol and cold at first but i am used to it now.
Clarissa Akakpo on 05/12/2010
This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. It is so cooling and refreshing and it clears blocked pores around the nose if you massage it in before washing it off. Pure Beauty is the best place to buy in terms of price and fast delivery so I wouldn\'t buy it anywhere else.
Stella Pettersson on 04/01/2011
I have an oily T-zone and sensitive/dry cheeks, but this cleanser balances the two just perfectly! It cleanses my oily zones without overdrying my sensitive cheeks - I use it every time I shower, sometimes twice for that \"perfectly clean\" feel. I can only recommend this great product.
Sophie Floyd on 17/05/2011
Really love this product, my skin was very oily before, even when i woke up my skin would be greasy but after using this product my skin isn't oily at all.
Sharon Gillespie on 08/09/2011
Fantastic product, perfect for days when nothing but the best skin will do. Leaves even heavily congested skin feeling clean, fresh and ready to face the world.
Nicola Richardson on 16/04/2012
I have used this for 7 years ,great for controlling and reigning in excess oil ,lovely and refreshing and works excellently - I use it after a facial sauna to open my pores - really cooling.
Philippa Millward on 10/05/2012
I find this a really lovely product to use. My face always feels really cleansed and clean. It lasts for ages so the cost is comparable to other brands. I've just received my second bottle and it came in record time - amazing since there was a bank holiday which usually holds up the post. Would highly recommend.
LAURA ALLEN on 09/08/2012
After using this cleanser, my skin feels really clean. My T-zone is definitely less oily after using this product.
James Perryman on 31/01/2013
This cleanser is absolutely fantastic! It leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean; your skin is not left feeling tight and dry, as I have experienced with many other harsh cleansers. Must buy!
Claire Moyle on 03/06/2015
I have an oily skin which is extremely blemish prone. This cleanser is THE ONLY cleanser out there that helps to control my skin without drying it out. Fast delivery from pure beauty, great value and free samples :)