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We are committed to delivering the best levels of Customer Service anywhere. We have developed a unique approach in our Salon and now we're bringing it to on-line retailing. We wouldn't expect you to take our word for it, so here's what our customers have to say about us.

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Judith from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 14/06/2009
I have received my order and I just wanted to thank you for the <a href="">efficient service</a> I have had from your firm. from the helpful telephone order I made to <a href="">receiving my order the following day</a> was most impressive - thank you.
Marsha from Edinburgh, United Kingdom on 13/06/2009
<a href="">Thank you again for your excellent service</a>. Dermalogica products are fantastic anyway, but it's particularly good to <a href="">have them delivered so promptly</a>... and then get a few extras as well! My order also did not arrive in ridiculous amounts of packaging which is another plus.
Leone from Cardiff, United Kingdom on 12/06/2009
I placed my order yesterday morning and it was delivered today. <a href="">How quick is that??</a> <a href="">Exceptional service</a>.
Bethan from London, United Kingdom on 12/06/2009
Very impressed with the <a href="">speedy delivery</a>. <a href="">Great service</a> at a great price!
Lara from Cornwall, United Kingdom on 11/06/2009
I just wanted to say <a href="">thank you for delivering my order so quickly</a>, I really do appreciate it. I love the products I ordered, too (Body Therapy Kit). It was the first time I'd tried the body kit and I'm really pleased with all the products....Thanks so much for the <a href="">excellent customer service</a>-I'll definitely be shopping with you again soon.
Alison from Essex, United Kingdom on 10/06/2009
My order arrived today. Thank you for the <a href="">excellent service</a> - <a href="">incredibly fast delivery</a>.
Umola from London, United Kingdom on 09/06/2009
After being deceived and disappointed by other Dermalogica-dedicated websites, I had little faith in your promised <a href="">Next Day Delivery service</a>, stock availability and <a href="">product samples</a>. You've renewed my faith! Thank you for <a href="">such great service</a> - genuine Next Day Delivery, "Dermalogica" product samples and a very comprehensive user-friendly website. I found your <a href="">professional skincare blog very informative</a>. You can be sure I'll be a returning customer.
Loveday from London, United Kingdom on 08/06/2009
<a href="">I am really impressed with the service you offer</a>. I can't believe how easy it is - and <a href="">how quickly you got the products to me.</a> The <a href="">samples are a great idea</a> -and have let me know exactly what I'll be buying from you next time -and there will be a next time! Thanks so much for making it so simple.
Charlotte from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 06/06/2009
Thank you, easy purchase. Received the goods today. Much appreciated will def shop with you again in the future.
Christina from Lancashire, United Kingdom on 05/06/2009
Hi All ! Just wanted to drop you a few lines to say <a href="">Thanks for the excellent service you have recently provided</a>. I was thrilled to receive my Dermalogica Products (<a href="">and free samples</a>) the very next day - packed to perfection and so fast! I have used them already and can already see myself becoming a Dermalogica Devotee ! In fact I am going <a href="">back on the website</a> straight after I finish this e-mail ......Thanks again - I will definitely be visiting and ordering from you again, and won't hesitate to recommend you to all my friends.
Jean from Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on 05/06/2009
Just a quick note to say <a href="">how good your service was.</a> This is the second time I have ordered from you and have been delighted with the price, service and <a href="">no postage!</a>
Kristie from Suffolk, United Kingdom on 04/06/2009
Dear Pure Beauty people! Thank you once again for completing my second order even faster than the first! I still cannot believe that <a href="">your customer service is so excellent</a>, maybe you should pass on your secret to other businesses so that we 'the buying public' didn't have to suffer such poor service elsewhere. <a href="">I'm appreciative of the added 'freebies' a very nice touch</a>, it's nice to feel that you got a little extra for your pounds. My main problem is using these items quick enough that I may order some more!! Keep up the brilliant job. Best Wishes.
Linda from Berkshire, United Kingdom on 03/06/2009
THANKS SO MUCH FOR MY ORDER, <a href="">RECEIVED YESTERDAY THAAAAAAAANKS!!!</a> thanks so much for <a href="">great samples - always a pleasure</a>, take care and have fab day!
Kima from Leicestershire, United Kingdom on 31/05/2009
Thank you , I've received my order, I am <a href="">so impressed by your service, its really a five star service!!</a> I will only buy Dermalogica from this web site from now on.Cheers!
Maureen from Bedfordshire, United Kingdom on 30/05/2009
Thank you for my order arriving so quickly - I don't normally check back with a company but <a href="">your service was so exceptional - I ordered on Thursday and it was here by Friday 8.15am - thanks</a> - I shall use you again.

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