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Pure Beauty Reviews by our Customers

What do our Customers say about of Levels of Service?

We are committed to delivering the best levels of Customer Service anywhere. We have developed a unique approach in our Salon and now we're bringing it to on-line retailing. We wouldn't expect you to take our word for it, so here's what our customers have to say about us.

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We have many customers in many countries some of whom are kind enough to provide feedback to us. If you would like to see what customers from other countries have said about us, please select a country from the list below.

Sharon from Staffordshire, United Kingdom on 01/07/2009
Many thanks for the unbelievably quick delivery of the above order. Very good value and incredible service. Will definitely be ordering from you again and will be recommending you to friends.
Moira from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 28/06/2009
Received my order today and just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent service, speedy delivery and great prices, this will not be my last order with you.
Imelda from Co.Antrim, United Kingdom on 27/06/2009
As a first time user, I was very impressed by the prompt service, and the generous free samples included. I would recommend your website and I will definitely use again.
Elizabeth from Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 26/06/2009
I would just like to say the service is excellent and I received my goods today well packed and with free samples. Thank you.
Bhanu from Kent, United Kingdom on 26/06/2009
I would like to express how delighted I was to receive my order the very next day:) and the free samples are great to try.
Michael from West Midlands, United Kingdom on 24/06/2009
Thank you for the swift delivery of my order. It arrived the next day, well packaged and all correct and intact. Marvellous service. Thanks.
Jane from Essex, United Kingdom on 22/06/2009
Just to say a big thank you for a very efficient and simple process. I received the products the next morning, complete with firm packaging. Not only did I buy these products at discount price, the whole procedure of ordering, paying and receiving is so much more convenient than actually physically going to the shops! Look forward to using you again in due course. A very satisfied customer.
Cornelia from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 19/06/2009
Dear all at pure beauty, Thank you so much for the quick delivery of my order, put order in yesterday afternoon and received it this morning...well done. Also thanks for the free samples ,will be using them and looking forward to putting a new order in.
Christopher from London, United Kingdom on 19/06/2009
Nothing to say other than that I was delighted that the response time was so quick, and that I shall certainly be using you again.
Mary from Somerset, United Kingdom on 18/06/2009
Yet another superbly completed delivery. Your attention to detail and the exceptional service is second to none. Thank you.
Theresa from Cleveland, United Kingdom on 15/06/2009
I just wanted to email you and tell you how made up I am with the service I receive from you, it is absolutely 1st class. I was using another company I found through the internet, but after 1 too many disappointments with their service, I stopped using them. I am so pleased I did, and that I decided to try you. My order arrived so quickly and the amount of free samples you get is brilliant, you certainly know how to look after your customers. Well done! I will be more than happy to recommend you to my friends/family.
Geraldine from Essex, United Kingdom on 15/06/2009
I was very impressed with the order I have just received. It was well packaged and received within 24 hours.
Judith from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 14/06/2009
I have received my order and I just wanted to thank you for the efficient service I have had from your firm. from the helpful telephone order I made to receiving my order the following day was most impressive - thank you.
Marsha from Edinburgh, United Kingdom on 13/06/2009
Thank you again for your excellent service. Dermalogica products are fantastic anyway, but it's particularly good to have them delivered so promptly... and then get a few extras as well! My order also did not arrive in ridiculous amounts of packaging which is another plus.
Leone from Cardiff, United Kingdom on 12/06/2009
I placed my order yesterday morning and it was delivered today. How quick is that?? Exceptional service.