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Our Customers' Reviews of our Skincare Products

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Sponge Cloth View/Buy

Jayne Roscoe on 11/05/2009
After years of using a muslin cloth to remove make-up cleanser,which always stained,making the cloth smell and needed boiling to clean up,this was a revelation. The make-up just rinses out and there\'s no smell at all. Super product.
Alison Bradley on 22/03/2013
This cloth is amazing - my skin has never felt or looked so clean and glowing. From the very first time I used it, there was such a difference. Make up just rinses out and it dries super quick to prevent bacteria and smells. Love it.
Yvonne Ray on 26/02/2013
I have used Dermalogica products for many years so I know they are good for my skin. I recently ordered a sponge cloth which is so soft and wipes the lather away so easily and it arrived so quickly, next day! Many thanks.
Ellen Mooney on 20/12/2013
I had been using muslin cloths to remove my Dermalogica clenser as I wanted that extra 'clean' feel but they were quite scratchy, I ordered a sponge cloth on a whim and WOW! Just love it! It takes a bit of getting used to (it feels like a wet suit) but it's gentle yet thorough and feels much more hygienic than other cloths. I'm suffering from a severe adult acne breakout and this has definitely helped reduce the redness and soreness, whilst still giving me that super clean feel.
Jane Wildy on 15/01/2015
I love this cloth!! So soft on your skin and you can pop in the washing machine when it gets a bit grubby!! Perfect

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil (100ml) View/Buy

REBECCA SALT on 20/04/2011
This is lovely, it has a smell which is not overpowering and soak into the skin well. It is a real treat with bottle of wine!
Rachel Wright on 28/11/2012
I love the smell of this oil, it is lovely in the bath, or massaged on to skin. Only comment is that if you are pregnant, beware as it contains clary sage oil.. and nowhere on their product information do they give warnings about use in pregnancy... so roll on another 3 weeks for me and I will be smothering myself in the stuff again!!

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Super Rich Repair (50ml) View/Buy

C Mullins on 23/09/2008
This a superb moisturiser! I used to use Skin Smoothing Cream but still occasionally got dry and flaky patches so my local salon suggested switching to this new product. It provides superb hydration, isn\'t greasy and works well under make-up.
Christine From Suffolk on 29/01/2008
This product does everything it says it does !!! I am hooked after being given as a present and wished I had discovered it years ago for my Dry Skin,it even helps keep my skin hydrated against the Air Conditioned office.
Annemarie Rosindell on 21/01/2009
Having tried many, many different products this one is it! I had given up - my skin was so dry and sensitive nothing seemed to help - in fact my skin was so bad that within minutes of trying a product it would react so badly I would have to wash it off. One specialist even told me to use nothing whatsoever and, being desperate I tried it for months - it didn\'t work to say the least. I started using this cream in October 08 and can honestly say that I felt the effect immediately. It literally is a miracle. Within 24 hours of using this product my skin had calmed down and the dryness disappeared. From an early age (14 years old) I used hydrocortisone (which thins the skin) on a daily basis (having no idea of the long term damage I was doing). Well done Dermalogica and thank you for providing such an excellent product. Annemarie, Wiltshire