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We encourage our customers to write reviews on the Professional Skincare and Haircare Products they have bought from us to better help other customers when they are choosing which products they would like to buy. All of the reviews that we have published have been checked thoroughly to ensure that our customers have bought the products from us. We do not beleive in publishing fake reviews.

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (100ml) View/Buy

Jessie Hart on 20/05/2020
This is a lovely moisturiser, sinks into the skin quickly and keeps its hydrated through the day. Nice to wear alone or under make up for a lovely smooth base. I use both this and the intensive moisture balance on alternate days, recommend both.
Claire Dainton on 25/07/2020
I love this product. I have been using it for about 6 years. It gives a great base for applying make up as well as moisturising brilliantly.
Kimberly Armstrong on 26/08/2020
Love this cream, sinks in with no after greasy feeling. Lightweight enough to wear under make-up
Anna Ross on 17/02/2021
THE best moisturiser! Keeps my skin from ever feeling dry, but sinks in so well, without any feeling of residue sitting on my skin. I always buy from Pure Beauty so I can try out other products via the testers. Always reliable and prompt.
Simona Batakyte on 19/02/2021
Great non-clogging moisturiser for combination skin. Feels very light on my skin and mixes well with serums.

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (50ml) View/Buy

Azra Siddiqui on 03/09/2007
I have been using this product for a few months now and think it really works. It feels really light on the skin and is lovely to use.
Anne Bonney on 17/10/2009
Although a medium weight cream, this is not at all heavy or greasy on the skin. You can feel the results of this cream the first time you use it - my skin feels smoother and more supple. I love it
Melissa Coltman on 12/12/2011
A wonderful cream, it's lovely and rich yet feels light and non greasy on the skin. I've never tried dermalogica before but i'm sticking with it now as my skin feels so supple and smooth. I love the free samples and super fast delivery too, i will be recommending to all my friends!
Karina Ulfig on 07/12/2014
I cannot imagine not using this cream- it is fantastic and I'm using it both in the morning and evening. It's great under makeup and my skin has seriously improved after I started using it.
Katia Zegarra on 25/02/2015
I love this moisturiser and have been using it for years. The consistency is just right for my dry skin- it is medium-weight and absorbs very quickly and is definitely very smoothing! Skin feels very soft afterwards. If you want a cream which is intense enough to use at night but not so rich that it leaves the face too greasy for day use, this is for you.!