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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser (250ml) View/Buy

Riikka Kvimark on 07/03/2012
I got diagnosed with Rosacea last year and had to change all my skin products.I tried several brands that where supposed to suit sensitive Rosacea skin but I they did not suit my skin.I am happy that I tried Dermatologica because this is the only brand that suits my skin without irritating the skin at all.I love all Dermatologica products.This cleanser takes away some of the redness I use it twice a day.Great product!
Sally Toone on 25/01/2014
I absolutely LOVE the UltraCalming Cleanser! As soon as I put it on I can feel it soothing my skin, and my skin never feels tight after using it, like it has done with many other cleansers. I use it on its own in the morning, and mix it with the Daily Microfoliant at night and that meets my cleansing needs perfectly. GREAT!
Alice Wint on 30/01/2014
I can't live without this! I've had bad dermatitis on my face from working with a lot of chemicals, I couldn't use any types of face wash or moisturiser without it being overly irritating and causing a flare up. I'd done so much research and tried absolutely everything! I eventually came across this and gave it a try with the small travel size packs and I haven't looked back since! My skin actually looks really clear and is very rarely sore anymore. The dermatitis is still there and I doubt it will ever go away but I've found this is perfect for managing the condition. And for those who aren't sure, it can be used over your eyes without causing irritation so I think that is an indication of how sensitive this product is.
Sam Westgate on 22/07/2014
I have sensitive skin that is prone to redness and agitation. I tried this cleanser and was extremely happy with the results - using is before bed and in the morning meant that my skin was calm and breakout free for the first time in years. Strongly recommend this product. I tried the smallest bottle first just to make sure but have now ordered the larger bottle.
Katie Swan on 21/01/2015
I have incredibly sensitive & sensitised skin. This is just the best cleanser for me. I have tried loads of others, and sometimes I still give something else a go, just in case. But I always come back to this Dermalogica cleanser. It's gentle but you feel as though your skin is really clean & fresh. It's the best!
Kate Gallagher on 01/04/2015
I switched to this cleanser on recommendation of my therapist but with low expectations. I have normal/combination skin and am still prone to breakouts - big sore boil like spots that never come to a head. I used this for a month and was quite honestly amazed. Am still using it odd spot now and then but not like before.
Sinead Mullen on 03/02/2016
Recommended to me by a beauty therapist as my skin was so sore and kept getting break outs. I have been using for 3 weeks and I am so so happy with the results. My skin has completely calmed down and looks and feels great all day. So happy :)

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser (500ml) View/Buy

Annmarie Power on 27/05/2011
the best cleanser i have ever used,my face feels clean and looks fresh and bright after using it. even mascara can be removed without making my eyes sting, i wouldnt use any other cleanser.
Natalie Kaye on 10/11/2011
Amazing cleanser! Stopped my red, sore itchy skin problems after one day of using this product. Tried everything from cheap to really expensive brands but this is the only thing that has worked for me.
DONNA SHELDON on 03/01/2012
great product and at a great price, skin feels clean and fresh and works well with smoothing cream after, skin is so much softer ;)