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We encourage our customers to write reviews on the Dermalogica and Decleor Products they have bought from us to better help other customers when they are choosing which products they would like to buy. All of the reviews that we have published have been checked thoroughly to ensure that our customers have bought the products from us. We do not beleive in publishing fake reviews.

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Relief Masque (75ml)

Review by Joo Lee-Park
"excellent results even after just 1 application. I am using ultracalm masque after exfoliants - as part of my weekly routine." (Posted 22/06/2011)

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Sensitised Skin Treatment Kit

Review by Heather Foinette
"I bought this kit on the recomendation of a beauty therapist who was certain that it may help control my rosacea. She was correct each product is fantastic and you only have to use a small amount. It is great to be able to buy small versions either for travel or to sample the products before emarking on purchasing the full size products." (Posted 23/11/2011)

Review by Louise Tripp
"I bought this pack to try the UltraCalming range as I'd had an eczema flare up. I was amazed at how quickly it cleared up with these products, and how soft they left my skin. I've bought larger bottles now, but the small ones are handy for topping up and using at the gym/travelling." (Posted 23/11/2011)

Review by Wai Li
"This is such a brilliant product! I have very sensitive skin and wanted something that doesn't dry my skin out. This was recommended to me and I love it! It's great that you can try it out in a smaller version before buying the full size version!" (Posted 18/03/2015)

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate (40ml)

Review by suzanne shaw
"I love this serum! it smells great and very fresh due to the natural lavender content, and the texture is very fresh and water like but a thick enough consistancy to really nourish and replenish my skins hydration levels. Very easily absorbed and feels Very cooling for my rosacea, Top marks!" (Posted 16/06/2011)

"UltraCalming products are great for Roscea. My skin is less red and spots on my nose have cleared up. Ditched all other products. Jo" (Posted 14/06/2011)

Review by Ann Tinkley
"I have just started to use the UltraCalming range and it has made so much difference. My husband paid my skin his first ever compliment in 20 years and that was without make up on. Wish had tried Dermalogica a long time ago" (Posted 21/04/2012)

Review by Alice Wint
"I wasn't so sure about this at first, I thought it was a little greasy but I soon adapted to it and now my face is well hydrated without feeling clogged down like with other creamier moisturisers." (Posted 30/01/2014)

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum (15ml)

Review by Mrs L Lourens
"Although I've only just started using it, I really like this product. It it a transparent gel that feels cooling and lightweight. Will definitely become part of my morning skin care routine from now on." (Posted 05/02/2014)

Customer Product Reviews of Sample - Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment

Review by Uzma Choudhry
"I only use it few times and fell in love with it... 5 stars!" (Posted 05/12/2011)