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What do our Customers say about of Levels of Service?

We are committed to delivering the best levels of Customer Service anywhere. We have developed a unique approach in our Salon and now we're bringing it to on-line retailing. We wouldn't expect you to take our word for it, so here's what our customers have to say about us.

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We have many customers in many countries some of whom are kind enough to provide feedback to us. If you would like to see what customers from other countries have said about us, please select a country from the list below.

Mrs Dunk from Cornwall, United Kingdom on 15/04/2012
Hi, I would like to say a huge thank you for your ultra quick and efficient service, we always buy our Dermalogica online and have shopped around for the best deal, now we have found you with your great prices and quick delivery (and the surprise of free samples) we shall be loyal customers, thanks again for the great service.
Maggie from London, United Kingdom on 15/04/2012
hey...just a quick feedback. You guy's prices are great! and your service is exceptional - you guys are the definition of "excellent service!" Thank you much.
Maggie from Devon, United Kingdom on 14/04/2012
Order received - I think you guys are brilliant - great service and products x.
Emma from Hampshire, United Kingdom on 13/04/2012
Thank you so much for such efficient service, this is the first time I have ordered from you and it was great to receive the products the following day after ordering! Thanks again.
Margaret from Ceredigion, United Kingdom on 13/04/2012
Hi, Thanks for great products and great price. I am delighted.
Alison from Berkshire, United Kingdom on 10/04/2012
Hi, never given feedback before but just wanted to say the reason I continue to purchase your goods, for my daugher, is the great service. The goods always arrive in super quick time and I get email updates to tell me the details of my order, when they have been dispatched and completed. Also, I do check the prices and have always found you to be the cheapest...So THANK YOU for a really brilliant service!!!
Liz from East Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 10/04/2012
Excellent and prompt service. Brilliant products. Thank you.
Sally from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom on 05/04/2012
I just love it when I can write good things about a company and their products. The above numbered order is the second I have placed with you and it was delivered in the same record time as my first order! Your service is excellent as are the Dermlogica products I have tried. I will be reordering the Ultra Calming Barrier Repair soon as this is a wonderful product that has been of great help to me. At times I develop eczema on my face - red and inflamed - which I believe is caused by stress. The skin then peels - yes lovely! - and it causes me even more stress as it doesn't look attractive. This product seems to have really helped my skin to get back into a pretty good condition all things considered and quite quickly. I just want to have it ready for the first sign of another outbreak. The free samples are much appreciated as it is a great way of trying new products and finding out if they are going to be of help. Thanks again for such great service - I really hope it continues.
Louise from London, United Kingdom on 03/04/2012
Hello there, Thank you very much for sending my order. It was received speedily as always and your prices are very good. I look forward to trying out some of the samples. Thank you.
Amanda from Merseyside, United Kingdom on 01/04/2012
I always order my Dermalogica from Pure Beauty and have had quick deliveries and no hassle ordering. Products are really good at a discounted price and I also love the fact that I get free samples to try different products before purchasing.
Gill from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on 01/04/2012
Thank you so much for the very quick delivery of my product. I am very impressed with your service.
Yvonne from West Midlands, United Kingdom on 31/03/2012
Blimey I only ordered yesterday was down to the wire with product arrived this morning, excellent customer service, that's why I keep re ordering my dermologica through you.
Elizabeth from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 30/03/2012
Thank you for excellent service. Having been let down by another internet supplier I needed my order in a hurry as I was going on holiday. It arrived as promised well packed and with requested samples. Many thanks.
Rachael from Bristol, United Kingdom on 29/03/2012
Thanks for the very fast service, excellent.
Isabel from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 28/03/2012
Just want to say how brilliant I think you are at pure beauty. I have never had a problem and my creams are always with me the next day! Thank you so much