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Our Customers' Reviews of Our Professional Skincare and Haircare Products

We encourage our customers to write reviews on the Professional Skincare and Haircare Products they have bought from us to better help other customers when they are choosing which products they would like to buy. All of the reviews that we have published have been checked thoroughly to ensure that our customers have bought the products from us. We do not beleive in publishing fake reviews.

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Calm Water-Gel (50ml) View/Buy

Fiona McKay 27/05/2022

This is so moisturising and gentle for sensitive skin, I cant take the sun and my siwmming leaves skin dry, so along with Barrier repair it is excellent.

Mrs J Such 14/06/2022

This does exactly what the description says, cools, hydrates and heals slight skin sensitivities or soreness.

Tina Hailstone 22/08/2022

This feels that it goes in well through the skin. Will keep using it

Carol Foster 21/10/2022

Have used this product for some years, and would recommend it for anyone needing hydrated skin. I usually mix it with my day cream.

Amanda Kirtland 30/10/2022

Life saver ???? I’m menopausal and my skin has Flared up. Red, sore, spotty , greasy. This product claimed it down . I felt moisture was to greasy for me just now but this was perfect.

Denise Brown 12/04/2023

I have sensitive skin and the ultra calming gel is great for my skin

Maria Taylor 22/07/2023

Lovely light hydrating moisturiser, leaves skin feeling really nice .

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser (250ml) View/Buy

suzanne shaw 15/06/2011

After my Rosacea turing worse and flare-ups more severe and frequent, I found myself having to change from my usual skincare (for this skin type) due to it having a formulation change and it not agreeing with me anymore. Nothing had been working, So I tried Dermalogica Ultra Calming range after it actually being recomended by a sales assistant from a rival brand! So I did and havn't looked back, on first use it did'nt make my skin red at all, it truly does feel 'ultra calming!' it soothes and also seems cooling, plus for the first time in ages I was even able to use the rinsing method (after not being able to use water on my face for so long) I will stick to this plus the other amazing products in this range. I skin is improving at last-less redness/puffiness/heat and soreness Gr8!

Riikka Kvimark 07/03/2012

I got diagnosed with Rosacea last year and had to change all my skin products.I tried several brands that where supposed to suit sensitive Rosacea skin but I they did not suit my skin.I am happy that I tried Dermatologica because this is the only brand that suits my skin without irritating the skin at all.I love all Dermatologica products.This cleanser takes away some of the redness I use it twice a day.Great product!

Sally Toone 25/01/2014

I absolutely LOVE the UltraCalming Cleanser! As soon as I put it on I can feel it soothing my skin, and my skin never feels tight after using it, like it has done with many other cleansers. I use it on its own in the morning, and mix it with the Daily Microfoliant at night and that meets my cleansing needs perfectly. GREAT!


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