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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (500ml) View/Buy

Lorraine Edwards 18/03/2021

Perfect cleanser for my Dermalogica routine. Use after the Pre cleanse for a double cleansing....wonderful duo for perfectly clean skin

wendy dillow 20/03/2021

I have been using this product for years after my Stepdaughter, who is a beautician, recommended it. I use it morning and night and even though I am 68 it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft! The bottle lasts a long time. Thank you for great customer service!

Jakub Hanczyk 20/06/2021

Fantastic! Just ordered another one! Lasts forever, you only need a one or half of pump to fully clean your face and its really great for my complicated skin. My skin feels clean and refreshed after and not stripped and tight. highly reccomend

Brenda Wheeldon 17/11/2021

I Have used this cleanser for at least 5 years, I wont use anything else to clean my face. my skin never feels too dry and used with other dermalogica products my skin looks younger than my age.

Victoria Barratt 24/11/2021

Best cleanser out there, last ages and is great for removing makeup. Leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

Stephanie McCollam 24/12/2021

I have used this product for at least 15 years. Having previously suffered acne I rarely have a breakout. Yet it’s gentle and doesn’t strip my skin. My husband started using it before shaving and it prevents him getting shaving rash on his neck. He now also swears by it. I’ve also recommended it to my brother after suffering spots more recently from wearing face masks and it cleared those up too. It’s a product I just couldn’t be without.


I’d used Dermalogica Essential Cleaning Solution ( only a dampened pad needed to remove) for years but moved to their Special Cleansing Gel when the former went out of production. I was unsure at first as I hadn’t used water on my face even before using Dermalogica. So for many many years! Pleased to say I wouldn’t use anything else now. Just a small amount makes a lovely gentle foam and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft ready for my moisturiser.

Sue Brookes 07/01/2022

I have used this product for more years than I care to remember. I never use any other product to wash my face. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and never dry. I love it!

Antoniya Shishkova 14/01/2022

Very good product. It cleans good and leave my skin ultra soft and nice ??

Louise Corti 15/01/2022

I’ve used This Dermalogica producer for over 10 years.. and never looked back. It’s my go to for washing my face to wake me up in the morning. The lightness and fresh smell is such a small pleasure!


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