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Our Customers' Reviews of Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment 75ml

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment (75ml) View/Buy

Christine Murphy on 19/09/2009
Absolutely fabulous! I have always had terrible nails and found this hand and nail treatment incredible; my nails are much stronger and cuticles/skin much improved, would recommend continued use to anyone. Thanks
Valerie Thomson on 13/11/2010
My husband has had bad dermatitis on his hands for months and has had light treatment, all kinds of creams from the doctor - all to no avail - the above cream has improved his hands after using it for only a week - I have ordered more now and would recommend it very highly!
Margaret Johnson on 15/04/2012
I purchased this one afternoon and was very surprised to receive it the next morning. Excellent service that couldn't be better. After having problems with my nails splitting and braking thought that was the end of beautiful nails for me . I have only used this product for two days twice daily and the difference is unbelievable.Also the price is one of the best around. Will certainly continue with this along with the other dermalogica products I use. I can't resist trying new ones they are so good .
Rachel Carter on 11/02/2015
This is a miracle product!! Ive had horrendous excema on my hands for over a year, my skin has split and been beyond painful. Ive had 3 courses of antibiotics from the doctor which hasnt helped at all. I was reconmended this product and thought i would give it a try. Within 2 hours of using this product there was a significant difference in my skin now 4 days on, it has cleared up. I cannot beleive it and neither does anyone else. I cannot recommend this product enough, thankyou dermalogica. Rachel :)