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Our Customers' Reviews of Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser 500ml

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser (500ml) View/Buy

Rehana Shurbi on 11/11/2009
i bought this 500ml because it will last me a very long time i did try the special cleansing gel and for the time i used it didnt really feel like it was working for me as i have a little acne and do get an oily t-zone i thought i would try this product its great! Use it every morning and night without fail i love the tingerling sensasion and doesnt leave my skin dry also feels refreshed.
Christine Tran on 07/01/2010
I love the 500ml bottles as they have a pump so you can control the amount of cleanser that you use. I love the tingling sensation of this one as it feels like you have a deep cleanse each time you wash your face. I have combination skin which is prone to break outs and this has controlled that a lot.
Katrina Poole on 17/07/2011
I am on day 3 (morning and night) of using this cleanser after being on the special cleansing gel for 2 months. I'm a 25 year old mother of one who seems to have suddenly got spotty! This cleanser is AMAZING! No new spots since using, AND my very stubborn nose blackheads have just this morning ALL gone! So glad i bought the 500ml size, I love the tingliness of this product, you can feel it working, it wakes you up and i will definitely be switching to this permanently! Amazing free next day delivery by pure-beauty, ordered at 3pm, was here by 10am the next day!
Sarah Wattison on 07/09/2011
I am 43 years old and have very oily skin with some sensitivity, but have never really suffered a lot with spots. However, since the beginning of the year, I have noticed a real difference in the amount of spots I am getting, some of which have been quite bad and have left me scarred (may be down to a change in hormones). I thought I'd give this product a go having first tried a sample and have been using it for about 3 weeks now. Although my pores certainly look cleaner, I can't say I've noticed a real difference in the amount of spots I am getting. I will continue to use it though, as it is very good at removing my makeup, leaving my skin feeling a lot cleaner with a nice tingling sensation.
Nicola Amon on 01/10/2012
I love this cleanser! I was losing the will with my skin the last 9 months or so, since I changed from the contraceptive pill to the implant my hormones have been bouncing all over the place and my skin went from being near on perfect to acne prone! A few Dermalogica facials later and finding pure beauty to several product for home and I am amazed at how quickly it has turned around. I use this cleanser daily and as a masque ever 3/4 days. WOULD RECOMMEND.
Louise Warn on 09/02/2013
This product is amazing. I had been using the special cleansing gel, but after i never felt like my skin had a really good clean, i started using the daily microfoliant with it and it improved, but my skin was never clear still and having pimples all the time sometimes really bad got me down. I switched to dermal clay cleanser have been using it since thurs night, now saturday morning and my skin is nearly clear and looks so much more healthier. I wash my face morning and night using this product then follow with the mircofoliant and then a spritz of multi active toner. Of course you need to moisturise too. It may sound like alot but its not and doesnt take that much time and believe me its worth it. My face hasnt felt this good in a long time and you feel like your getting such a good deep clean but it doesnt dry your skin out. A++++
Kelly Strachan on 28/05/2015
Fantastic cleanser! I alternate between this & special cleansing gel each day and also use this as a masque once a week! Has made such a difference to my skin which is spot prone! Love it
Revinder Chahal on 23/05/2016
love this product as part of my daily cleansing routine.... Best service from pure beauty yet again
Rinisha Tailor on 14/09/2020
Great product have been using it for years. I have sensitive skin and this works so well for me. Highly recommend