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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser (500ml)

Review by annmarie power
"the best cleanser i have ever used,my face feels clean and looks fresh and bright after using it. even mascara can be removed without making my eyes sting, i wouldnt use any other cleanser." (Posted 27/05/2011)

Review by natalie kaye
"Amazing cleanser! Stopped my red, sore itchy skin problems after one day of using this product. Tried everything from cheap to really expensive brands but this is the only thing that has worked for me." (Posted 10/11/2011)

"great product and at a great price, skin feels clean and fresh and works well with smoothing cream after, skin is so much softer ;)" (Posted 03/01/2012)

Review by SUSAN HO
"I absolutely adore this cleanser and it is the only one that I will now trust and use on my sensitive/reactive/allergic skin. Other well know brands have caused tightness and irritation to my skin, but not this one! Would highly recommend to others with the same skin type concerns, but as everyone is different, would suggest to test patch first. This is where the 'samples' provided by PB come into their own!" (Posted 04/07/2012)

Review by Farah Chaudhry
"This is a miracle cleanser for problem skin, leaves skin clean and comfortable without irritating and feeling tight or dry. Wonderful product." (Posted 30/08/2012)

Review by Emily Stanton
"Leaves skin leaving beautifully clean and smooth. It is lovely and gentle on very sensitive skin and doesn't sting my eyes! The 500ml bottle last ages as well! Great price and value for money! Dermalogica is the only brand I trust!" (Posted 24/04/2013)

Review by Tasha Coles
"I have really struggled in the past to find a cleanser to suit my skins needs. This is the only one that has really helped my skin. To apply simply push the lid, very easy no mess, very nice on the skin, skin feel gorge after, no redness or tenderness! Also, the size bottle lasts so long, well worth the money, very good prices on this website!" (Posted 12/02/2013)

Review by K Davies
"It's a great cleanser, effectively removing dirt and even makeup. It's very gentle and I occasionally use it as makeup remover on a cotton pad and it works well. My skin is very sensitive and often reacts to products but this cleanser is very well tolerated. I have been using it every day for a few years now and absolutely love it!" (Posted 18/06/2014)

Review by Sheena Pritchard
"Fantastic product. Long term steroids have left me with very sensitive and red skin. After trying lots of different facial products this is the only one really suits my skin. It is soothing, takes down the redness and tightness. It makes my skin both look and feel fantastic - It has given me my confidence back. Its worth its weight in gold." (Posted 18/03/2015)

Review by Jia Xin Ler
"Best cleanser ever! I have a very complicated skin condition, it is oily but dry and sensitive. I have tried various range of products. ( I have tried Dermalogica calming cleanser years ago and it worked really well, but due to the higher price and I am just a student, I tend to look for cheaper range that helps, unfortunately, nothing suits my skin). Now that my skin condition got worst, and I found Pure beauty selling cleansers at a cheaper price. I gave it a try and my skin condition is now obviously improving. I would also recommend using gentle soothing booster serum." (Posted 21/04/2015)
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