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Our Customers' Reviews of Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque 75ml

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque (75ml) View/Buy

Zahraa Al-Najjar 31/03/2011

I have ordered this mask recently and used while having a bath. You only need to use a little bit to cover the whole face and I could really feel it working while having it on. I have a combination skin and it was perfect, it didnt make it feel oily at all. My skin felt really smooth and healthy after. I really recommend this cream to everybody!

Christine Tran 19/09/2011

I was starting to get fine lines and was really concerned. After visiting my beautician, she advised the lines were dehydration lines rather than due to age. She used this product on me and reccommended that I use it weekly. After 6 weeks, I went to see her again and she could see improvement. When I have the mask on, I can literally see my skin sucking in all the goodness of the mask straight away, and the more I used it, the less quickly it dried out, which meant that my skin wasn't lacking the hydration as much.

Amney Nasser 11/03/2015

I use this every other day and its just wonderful!!! Dermalogica products are simply the best. I have been using most of their products in years and i am totally happy and satisfy with the results.

Rebecca Halls 17/02/2016

I love this masque! I tend to leave it on over night for a super hydrating treatment. All the Dermalogica products do exactly what they say on the tin. Too product ;)

Sheena Gibbons 15/06/2016

Fabulous product from Dermalogica. Gentle and extremely soothing on the skin, hydrates well. Great for use on holiday after being in the sun and during winter against harsh weather.

Joanna Gray 21/10/2020

This masque is great if you are prone to getting the odd break out. Very hydrating but not so heavy that it clogs your pores. I use this all over my face and neck, even under my eyes and keep it on over night for smoother, brighter looking skin.

Marilyn Hockley 28/04/2022

This is like drinking a cool glass of water on a hot day! It makes your skin feel immediately cool and hydrated. I love it. It is so light and a little goes a long way. My favourite product. Everyone I have introduced to it says the same ????

Christine Halsall 16/06/2022

Have used this mask for quite some time now. Does a good job. Skin feels hydrated and soft. Lovely smell too.

Amy Matthews 05/11/2022

I am now going to consider this an essential part of my skin care especially now that the heating is back on which can dry out my skin. This masque helps me to maintain glowing and dewey skin and it feels such a relief once it's on. I love it as my weekend treat.

Isabella Scullion 21/06/2023

Fab mask.and I highly recommend to order from Purebeauty


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