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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance (50ml) View/Buy

Donna Watts on 25/05/2008
Finally I have found a product that moisturises my skin, which in places is extremely dry, without leaving it feeling oily or clogged. The overall appearance and suppleness of my skin has improved dramatically and it controls the dryness perfectly. Donna Watts
Carol Campbell on 13/01/2010
During winter months my skin becomes noticeably drier. Intensive Moisture Balance restores my skin and banishes dry patches during the winter season. Best Dermalogica moisturiser I have used to date.
Aisha Haider on 12/11/2010
Really good moisuriser i find throughout the year as it leaves skin feeling well moisurised and its an excellent base for makeup.
Katie Wade on 10/03/2011
Another winter, another period of my skin being dry and sensitive, I had tried so many other (more expensive!) moisturisers which weren\'t up to the job. Within 2 days of me using this moisturiser, my skin looked and felt wonderful. It doesn\'t feel heavy but really has smoothed and moisturised my skin, no more sensitive patches and no more dry patches. In Fact, it has left my skin looking so smooth and hydrated, I have not worn any foundation for a coupe of days! Thoroughly recommend this product.
Claire Bayley on 18/08/2011
Great moistuiser! I have tried so many top brands of moisturisers which claim to give moisture but they do compare. Intensive Moisture Balance is great. It lasts all day and my skin does not feel dry again in the afternoon unlike others. I moved on from Active Moist and this I think is better. If you have dry/tight skin especially on your cheeks this is the one.
Lauren S Mcgale on 06/06/2012
I absolutely loved this product. it was recommended to me by a beautician who gave me a dermalogica prescriptive facial. i have dry skin/eczema, and also breakouts around my chin so its hard to find something that solves one problem without aggravating the other. this left me skin soft, smooth and blemishes (which i think were caused my greasy moisturisers for eczema) all started to clear up. i am so pleased with this product, i was sceptical at first due to the price, but it lasted me a really long time and was worth every penny.
Lynda Deehan on 25/03/2013
Brilliant moisturiser and has really helped to combat dry skin on my forehead, cheeks, and nose. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all, in fact it is quite light compared to alot of other moisturisers on the market for dry skin. It is worth spending the money on and I would recommend this to anyone who has dry skin.
Natalija Balog on 14/02/2014
This is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used!!! I have very dry skin and I searched for years for a "perfect" moisturiser for my skin..finally I can say my search is over..:)thank you Pure Beauty..
Katie Swan on 23/11/2020
I have sensitive skin with mild rosacea. This is the best moisturiser I've used for my skin, especially in winter when my skin is drier. Always great service from Pure Beauty, fast delivery & free samples.