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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier (40ml)

Review by Fiona Morris
"I use this product alongside the Oil Control Lotion and it's perfect in that it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin shine-free all day long. Great for use under your tinted moisturiser or treatment foundation." (Posted 01/10/2008)

Review by Sarah Polak
"I love the feeling of this on my skin - it's kind of fluffy!! It has helped clear my skin so much and because it's light, it doesnt make my face feel caked in anything. It's invisible, unlike other spot treatments that can leave you with a shiny patch. It works great under make up too. It's a great use as and when you need it product!" (Posted 06/03/2011)

Review by sophie floyd
"With this product you can't tell you've got it on under make-up! Make-up glides over the top and keeps it in place for ages, love it! No other product like it." (Posted 21/06/2011)

Review by Anjana Jagdish
"This is an amazing product that serves 2 purposes for me. Keeps my skin clear and smooth by preventing whiteheads. I use it everyday morning below makeup and it helps give the matte effect for the whole day." (Posted 15/11/2011)

Review by Hayley Jones
"I've just recieved this and it is amazing! This is a must have if you suffer from oily skin. My skin fels so smooth and less greasy. A new 'can't live without' product!" (Posted 27/01/2012)

Review by nicola richardson
"PRICELESS! Worth it's weight in gold! - I never suffered from spots or pimples in my teenage years but I'm finding that I'm suffering from quite a few breakout now that im in my thirtys.I decided to try this product and I have found its amazing ,after a period of about 3weeks I found my breakouts limited to approx 3 days - brilliant ,not only that but (here comes the yucky bit) it removes the minute plugs that block pores. I use it in conjunction with oil control lotion ,and have never looked back. Great product." (Posted 16/04/2012)