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Our Customers' Reviews of Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex 1.75ml

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex (1.75ml) View/Buy

Neil Priestley on 18/12/2011
This is an amazing product. It smells good enough to eat yet at the same time not too over-powering, it stays on your lips a very long time without a heavy, greasy feeling. Worth mentioning - leave the applicator cap on! I wasn't sure if it was supposed to stay on or off and ended up applying loads by mistake.
Natalija Balog on 04/06/2013
I love this's best by far than other lip balms..I have problem with dry lips and this is the only product that helped me..thanks to Pure Beauty!!! The price is affordable and you get load of samples to choose and try on!!! Simply amazing!!!
Michelle Newton on 12/03/2020
I have been using dermalogica for the past 8 months, I purchased this lip treatment with the hope of treating my dry lips. This product does not repair dry lips, please be aware this product is an over priced lip balm. one month worth of application!