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Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads (60 pads)

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads (60 pads)

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads are dual-action resurfacing pads, powered by ELEMIS patented Tri-Enzyme technology that act as a very effective, yet gentle skin-perfecting exfoliator. More Info

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Product description

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads are an innovative and refining treatment, that enhances the Dynamic Resurfacing routine. Replacing the need for harsh exfoliators. Gently encourages the skin’s surface cell renewal cycle and prepares skin for optimum results from the rest of the range. Rejuvenates, revitalises and smoothes, while boosting radiance for a luminous complexion.

How to use Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facia Pads

  1. Smooth pad, texture side down, over the face in a circular motion morning and evening, after cleansing.
  2. For optimum results, use as part of the Dynamic Resurfacing program.
Always use a high SPF during daylight hours and do not sunbathe or use sunbeds whilst using the Resurfacing programme.

Key Benefits

  • Smoothes, resurfaces, exfoliates
  • Refining treatment, that enhances the Dynamic Resurfacing routine.
  • Formulated in line with the ELEMIS Promise:
    • No Parabens
    • No Sodium Laureth Sulphate - SLS or SLES
    • No DEA
    • No Mineral Oil
    • No Artificial Colours

Key Ingredients

Enzymes are catalysts to trigger a cellular reaction, which encourages the breakdown of dead skin cells and promotes cell regeneration.

  • Tri Enzyme Technology: Contains three different enzymes that work together to help break up peptide bonds, gently yet effectively resurfacing the skin.
  • Protease: This micro mushroom is a proteolitic enzyme with Keratolitic agents to improve cell renewal.
  • Papain: Derived from exotic Papaya which breaks down proteins into smaller molecules to reveal clearer, more supple skin.
  • Lactic Acid: Is a mild AHA effective at retexturising the skin’s surface while still being gentle and hydrating, unlike other types of acid which can be more harsh on many skin types. It also acts as a humectant, drawing in moisture like a magnet from the environment.
  • Pro-Biotic Ferment Complex: Helps support the skin’s self-renewal process by promoting the physical shedding of dead skin cells.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads (60 pads)

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