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Emergency Spot Fix is a potent topical spot treatment. It is suitable for teenagers skin with acne or breakout prone skin.

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Dermalogica Emergency Spot Fix is a potent, topical formula that kills breakout-causing bacteria deep within pores to clear breakouts fast.

Skin Type

Dermalogica Skin Type

Teenagers skin with acne or breakout prone skin


Product Benefits

  • Topical formula designed to kill the bacteria that cause breakouts directly in the pore



  • Sulfur: Stops breakout-causing bacteria in the follicle and helps clear skin.
  • Niacinamide: Assists in regulating sebaceous gland secretions and killing bacteria while scavenging free radicals.
  • Magnolia, Hiba Cedar, Grapefruit: A botanical complex that helps to manage bacteria and control sebum.
  • Green Tea, Licorice: Soothing and protective botanical extracts to calm skin.
  • Tea Tree: An antiseptic and antimicrobial that kills bacteria.


Dermalogica Recommended Application

  1. Before moisturising, apply a small amount of Dermalogica Emergency Spot Fix as a spot treatment directly to the breakout, with finger or cotton swab, and allow to dry.
  2. Apply every 6-8 hours as needed until breakout clears.
  3. Use at the first sign of a breaout.



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