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Is Dermalogica Natural?

 Dermalogica Body Collection with Natural Ingredients

Dermalogica products are free from lots of the irritants that can be found in other skincare products. Dermalogica products don't contain Mineral Oil, Lanolin, SD Alcohol, Artificial Colours and Fragrances some or all of which can be found in other skincare products and cause issues for people who use them.

The whole idea behind Dermalogica is really quite simple. Dermalogica products have been designed by professionals for professionals with the single objective of promoting skin health. Dermalogica have always believed that, although it is easier to formulate 'beauty products' with these additives, it is better to get it right at the begining in order to improve the skin of their clients.

Dermalogica products contain lots of natural ingredients in such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Seed Extracts, Amino Acids, Salicylic Acid and Retinol amongst others to ensure that their products are effective and beneficial to the skin.

Dermalogica have a wide range of products including Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Masques, Moisturisers, Eye Creams and Exfoliants. Some of their moist important products such as Skin Smoothing Cream, Special Cleansing Gel, Dynamic Skin Recovery and Daily Microfoliant are some of the best selling skincare products available today.

Dermalogica's range of skincare products have been developed with thought and care and are trusted to produce the right results for the people that use them.

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