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Who needs another membership scheme?!?

It seems that Membership Schemes are everywhere and they can sometimes feel like they are not very good value for money and you always forget to cancel the subscription just before the end. Must have missed the reminder email? MMMMMmmmmm...

If you know us well, you will know that we always try and do things 'the right way'. A bit vague maybe but just look at the way our product reviews work.

Unlike nearly every other website on the planet, where frankly you can just tell that the majority of the reviews have been written by bots or members of staff - or even paid consultancys for the biggest of the big (we don't speak their name but you know who I mean), our reviews can only be written by our customers and then only by customers who have actually bought the product. We do not allow, and never have allowed, reviews written about the products we sell where we cannot absolutely confirm that the reviewer has purchased the product. As I say: the right way.

Why The Inner Circle?

We are a family run business (have a read About Us here - it's always good to put a face to a name and we've told a bit of our story too!) and we are only a small team so we have to come up with great ideas ourselves. We don't have a marketing department filled with very clever people who probably could sell snow to Eskimos (if there was any left), so we sat down with our brilliant - but again small and local -  marketing company Mooch and came up with The Inner Circle. Tash and I love the name but Susan thought it sounded a bit like a cult - which tells you just how different we all are and how we all see the world differently.

What is the Inner Circle?

So just to be clear: we love all of our customers - every single one of them - and every single order they place with us is valued more than we can say. (See our About Us page again - I explain a bit more). All of our customers do - and always will - get the very best we can offer in terms of pricing, discounts, variety and range of products, Pure Beauty Rewards and the type of customer service that only a small family run business like ours can provide, because we genuinely know and understand how important customers are. We are far from perfect but we always do our best, we always try our hardest and you can always get hold of one of us here through email or the phone.

Never the less some of our customers order from us in different ways and for different reasons and therefore a Membership Scheme will work brilliantly for them allowing us to provide them with additional benefits when they chosen to pay to join.

The Inner Circle is a 12 month subscription free Membership Scheme that customers pay to join that provides those customers with additional benefits when ordering from us.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of being an Inner Circle member depend upon the tier of membership which is bought. We have three Inner Circle tiers which are Essential, Premium and Luxe. Full details of all of the benefits for each tier can be found on our site but I have outlined the main points below.

How do I use the benefits?

All of the main additional benefits that come with each membership tier are all automatic such as Free Delivery, Pure Beauty Reward Points and 12 Month Subscription Free Membership, but the Discount Codes need to be created and used by you. Dependant upon the chosen membership tier the number of discount codes that can be generated are different, but the way of generating them is exactly the same.

When you join The Inner Circle you will see a small Inner Circle logo next to the main Pure Beauty logo at the top of the page when you are logged in, and you will also see a popup in the bottom of the screen which if clicked on will take you to the Offer Code Generator. All you do is select the products you want to generate the discount code for and press the Generate Code button at the bottom of the list of products. The products you have chosen will stipulate the percentage discount that the code will be for. Each code could be worth up to 20% Off.

Once the code is generated you have 7 days to activate and use the code - so don't generate them until you are ready to use them. It will expire and is not retrievable even if you haven't used it. Once you have activated the code this will show on the screen and any products that are in your basket, or added to yours basket, that match the products you chose when generating the code will be automatically discounted to the correct amount and the saving will be showed to you by each product. Simply checkout and pay at this point and that's it. All done. 

How much does it cost?

The 3 tiers each have a different cost and currently they are £25.00, £50.00 and £75.00 respectively. Now this can sound like a lot but a 20% discount on a £100.00 is £20.00. This is why we believe it is great value for money and this does not even include the other benefits that come with each membership. In addition to that (at time of publishing) we have a Free Gift of a Free Meet Dermalogica Cube worth £40.00 with a Premium Membership and a Free Dermalogica Prep, Treat, Glow Night Kit worth £48.00 with Luxe Memberships.

No Auto Renew: No Subscription

One of the key differences between The Inner Circle and the majority of other membership schemes is our is not subscription based. The subscription model can be very expensive and result in people being trapped into making a regular payment for a service you may or may not be using. The Inner Circle is a one off payment that will give you membership for 1 year. You can renew at any time you like or not. It's entirely up to you.

Like I say: we like to do things the right way.

Written by Craig

Essential Members' Benefits

Free Standard Delivery On All UK Orders
Generate 2 of your own Discount Codes
1% Pure Beauty Reward Points on Every Order
Free Returns
Exclusive Members' Offers
12 Months Membership Only: No Auto-Renew

Premium Members' Benefits

Free Express Delivery On All UK Orders
Generate 5 of your own Discount Codes
2% Pure Beauty Reward Points on Every Order
Free Returns
Exclusive Members' Offers
12 Months Membership Only: No Auto-Renew

Luxe Members' Benefits

Free Express Delivery On All UK Orders
Generate 10 of your own Discount Codes
3% Pure Beauty Reward Points on Every Order
Free Returns
Exclusive Members' Offers
12 Months Membership Only: No Auto-Renew

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