Decleor Effervescent Bath Pebbles (4 x 25g)

Decleor Effervescent Bath Pebbles 4 x 25g have now been discontinued.

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Decleor Effervescent Bath Pebbles release a bouquet of warm aromas on contact with water, bringing sensual, musky scents to your bath. The key notes of Rose, Camomile and Geranium combine to soften, protect and soothe the skin. Essential Oil of Maté is known for its woody, smoky scent and its fortifying and de-stressing properties. The perfect way to calm and soothe away the day.

How to use Decleor Effervescent Bath Pebbles

Slip into the bath (at a temperature of 37°C) and place the bath pebble behind your back. Relax and let the tiny bubbles release all the benefits of the Essential Oils on your skin.

Suitable for all skin types


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