Decleor Lift Wrinkle Filler (30ml)

Decleor Lift Wrinkle Filler is an innovative mask designed to specifically target deep facial wrinkles.

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Decleor Lift Wrinkle Filler is inspired by the high concentration of active ingredients in our professional products, this mask has been specially designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the surface and deep down.

This formula contains protective Iris Essential Oil which acts in two stages:

  • An instant effect due to Hyaluro-Spheres combined with high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids: wrinkles are instantly smoothed and reduced.
  • A long-lasting effect due to the Lifting Filler that combined with the L-PROLINE Complex encourages intercellular communication to plump up wrinkles.

This innovative mask offers a filler effect by drip feeding a blend of active ingredients which offer immediate hydration and plump the skin.

How to use Decleor Lift Wrinkle Filler

After cleansing, apply directly to wrinkles once or twice a week. Leave for 5 minutes then massage excess product into skin with fingertip.

Suitable for mature skin types


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