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We are committed to delivering the best levels of Customer Service anywhere. We have developed a unique approach in our Salon and now we're bringing it to on-line retailing. We wouldn't expect you to take our word for it, so here's what our customers have to say about us.

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Sarah from Kent, United Kingdom (05/09/2007)

'I placed an order yesterday and would like to thank you for your excellent service. I have been a big Dermalogica fan over the past couple of years, and have tried a few different sources in purchasing their products. I have been really impressed by your website and delighted to have received my order within 24hrs of placing it!'

Elizabeth from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom (04/09/2007)

'I would like to say that there is no way to improve upon the current order that I made. It's the first time that I have used your website. It was easy to use, extremely competitively priced and unbelieveably quick service. I ordered latish one afternoon and the products were here the next morning! I received loads of samples, which no other site offers and update emails on the progress of the orders. You have my future business.'

Susan from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (04/09/2007)

'Excellent service, especially with correcting my mistake. Delivery was super fast!'

Anne from Wiltshire, United Kingdom (30/08/2007)

'Thank you very much for your very efficient service - the products arrived yesterday and I'm looking forward to trying the samples soon. I will certainly be shopping again soon and will definitely recommend you to my friends. '

Jack from Surrey, United Kingdom (29/08/2007)

'Extremely happy with order. Ordered at 4pm on Friday and was delivered 8 am Saturday by Royal Mail. Later read that we should only select 5-10 samples, but I chose 18 for my wife before hand. 11 were sent which was great-I think it's a fantastic idea to offer samples as everyone's skin is different and its best to try before you buy! Thanks. '

Chloe from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (29/08/2007)

'I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the speed of delivery. The things I bought were a present for my sister, who loves Dermalogica, so I was thrilled they arrived on time for me to give them to her. Thank you very much! '

Margaret from Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom (21/08/2007)

'Thank you. The service I received was excellent as I ordered my item late one afternoon, and it arrived by Royal Mail post the very next morning!!! Fantastic work.'

Anna from Berkshire, United Kingdom (21/08/2007)

'Thank you so much for the speedy service. I have just received my package. I will definitely be ordering again from you.'

Kathryn from Lancashire, United Kingdom (17/08/2007)

'Many thanks for this. I received my order in good time. This is a simple to use and very efficient service that I will use again.'

Sam from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (15/08/2007)

'I am very pleased with the level of service that I have received and I look forward to purchasing more beauty products off you in the coming future. '

Caroline from Argyll, United Kingdom (14/08/2007)

'My local Dermalogica salon closed down recently, and I placed an order from you on the basis of your good customer reviews and prices. I wasn't disappointed, my order arrived the next working day complete with samples. I will certainly order from you again. '

Natalie from Surrey, United Kingdom (12/08/2007)

'It was really just to say that Im very impressed with your service and will be recommending you to my friends as they also use dermalogica products. Thank you again, and will continue to use your web site from now on. '

Sarah from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (10/08/2007)

'Hi thank you for such prompt service, I put my order in at 0800 one morning and received the order at 0800 the next day! Thanks again. '

Gill from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom (09/08/2007)

'I found your website really easy to use, I have been using the product I ordered for a couple of years now and your prices were very competitive. My order arrived within a few working days. So I am very happy with your service and will definitely order from you again. '

Kathryn from Lancashire, United Kingdom (09/08/2007)

'I received the product and am happy with the service which I will use again. '