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We are committed to delivering the best levels of Customer Service anywhere. We have developed a unique approach in our Salon and now we're bringing it to on-line retailing. We wouldn't expect you to take our word for it, so here's what our customers have to say about us.

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Sally from East Sussex, United Kingdom (06/02/2014)

'I just thought I must just let you know how pleased I am with your service. I ordered from you yesterday afternoon and received my parcel this morning. My order was for Skin Smoothing Cream but also got some extra products as part of special edition, lovely surprise. Christine packed my order so she must have been very quick to send it out. Thank you very much.'

Lisa from Surrey, United Kingdom (04/02/2014)

'Hi, I just wanted to say that I find your website and service excellent. It always arrives in good time after the order has been placed and the free samples that you are allowed to have also help when wanting to buy other products within the Dermalogica range. I would definitely recommend your site to friends!'

Niki from Cheshire, United Kingdom (01/02/2014)

'Hi, I just wanted to pop a quick message to say that I'm so impressed and happy with your service. I've been a ((n) online) customer of yours for years (literally) and I've always been pleased, hence never going anywhere else for my dermalogica produce. Your delivery is always speedy (and free!), for example I only ordered my latest batch yesterday morning and received my products today! You always give a generous amount of samples - even if I don't order the allotted amount, I find that more have been put in there based on the types of products I have ordered. And today, I opened my package to find a box in there of 'Limited Edition Skin Smoothing Set'. I'll admit, at first I thought 'oh no! They've sent me the wrong thing!' But no. You had sent exactly what I had ordered, just more! You gave me two extra products in the set and it was such a lovely and pleasant surprise after having a pretty awful day. It cheered me right up! I wanted to leave feedback on the site for potential customers to see but couldn't find a link (sorry if it's there and I'm just being a bit blind!) so thought I'd send an email instead. Thank You everyone at Pure Beauty. And Thank You Christine, for packing my products and giving me a nice surprise. My only regret is that I don't live local to come and visit your salon! Thanks again.'

Sharon from Tryone, United Kingdom (31/01/2014)

'So pleased at your speedy response - it was delivered this evening! Excellent - thank you!!'

Marie-Ann from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom (30/01/2014)

'My order has just arrived and I am absolutely delighted with it - I am travelling abroad for a three week holiday and knowing that I can order my absolutely essential items and have them delivered the next day, with a great saving and extra samples is fantastic. Your service is always excellent and you do go the extra mile to keep your customers happy. Thank you so much.'

Ruth from Fermanagh, United Kingdom (29/01/2014)

'I was delighted to receive my skin softening cream today within a special edition box containing travel sized pre-cleanse and special cleanser! This was a delightful treat and along with my free samples made the purchase very worth while. I adore the skin softening cream as I do feel it makes a visible difference to lines etc. I was delighted with my purchase, the fast and efficient delivery, secure packaging, free samples and a very, very competitive price not to be beaten! Excellent service! I'll be back soon.'

Gregor from Aberdeen, United Kingdom (25/01/2014)

'Just wanna say thanks, really quick delivery and little extra treats with my active moist :) very happy thanks!!!'

Heather from Essex, United Kingdom (24/01/2014)

'Many many thanks for fantastic, speedy service including free gift! Will be using you again as I also save money on these products...Will be highly recommending you..Many thanks Again.'

Catherine from Lancashire, United Kingdom (23/01/2014)

'Really really impressed with the service you provided. It was my first Dermalogica order with you, prices are competitive and my order arrived today even though I only ordered yesterday morning. Fantastic service, thank you so much.'

Heather from Essex, United Kingdom (23/01/2014)

'Many thanks for excellent service!!'

Julia from London, United Kingdom (21/01/2014)

'Thank you for the great service. Good price and prompt delivery. Will use again!'

Anne from Dorset, United Kingdom (21/01/2014)

'Thank you for your goods received today excellent.'

Alice from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom (17/01/2014)

'I'd just like to say a big thank-you for such a great service! I'm fairly new to dermalogica products and wanted to try the ultracalming line as I have quite severe dermatitis and can be sensitive to most skin care products! Pure Beauty is a great way of being able to test products that seem a little too expensive to just "try", but after using them and seeing that they work I've bought the full size of several products!'

Rina from Glamorgan, United Kingdom (15/01/2014)

'Hi, I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your customer service, I appreciate that you made a mistake and am very grateful now that you have rectified it. I received further samples in the post. I think customer service plays a big part in customer satisfaction, and I am definitely a satisfied customer. Thanks again, I will be sure to come back to place an order once I've finished what I've got, and will be sure to recommend this company.'

Jayne from Leicestershire, United Kingdom (15/01/2014)

'Once again order received promptly within days of order being placed. I'll be back in a few months time.'