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Pure Beauty Reviews by our Customers

What do our Customers say about of Levels of Service?

We are committed to delivering the best levels of Customer Service anywhere. We have developed a unique approach in our Salon and now we're bringing it to on-line retailing. We wouldn't expect you to take our word for it, so here's what our customers have to say about us.

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We have many customers in many countries some of whom are kind enough to provide feedback to us. If you would like to see what customers from other countries have said about us, please select a country from the list below.

Claire from Lonodon, United Kingdom on 25/02/2011
Dear Pure Beauty, As always a prompt and efficient service! Thanks.
Celia from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 24/02/2011
Received my foundation and samples yesterday. Very impressed with quick delivery. I have used the foundation for many years, but sometimes have difficulty buying it. This is so much easier and quicker. I will now look through your other products.
Phemmie from Burnley, United Kingdom on 24/02/2011
I'm so glad I found out about your service! I have been using Dermalogica products for a year now and can't fault them. My products arrived the next day in perfect condition - and not mention cheaper in cost! Fantastic - thank you.
Rosemary from Wiltshire, United Kingdom on 24/02/2011
I am very pleased with service and prompt delivery of my order of Dermalogica products.
Tara from London, United Kingdom on 24/02/2011
Thanks pure beauty, a great service! Ordered yesterday and was amazed to receive it this morning along with my great free samples! Haven't tried the product yet but will review on my return from Egypt!!
Tracy from West Sussex, United Kingdom on 23/02/2011
Absolutely fantastic service! I never normally give feedback on anything, but this has really taken me by suprise, I only ordered it all yesterday! Brilliant, will be telling all my friends! Thank you very much, will obviously be back!
Cath from Norfolk, United Kingdom on 22/02/2011
Hi, Great service, great products and great prices. I couldn't be happier with the speed, quality and value!
Dipti from Leicestershire, United Kingdom on 22/02/2011
Another fantastic response to my order - thanks Pure Beauty!!
Helen from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom on 21/02/2011
Dear Pure Beauty, I love your products and your customer service is something that other on line companies ought to aim for as the Gold Standard. I'd like to thank you for getting my products to me time after time - almost within hours of placing an order. I always know that no matter how disorganised I am - if I run low on a product it will arrive the next day after ordering. You really are the best!!!
Marlene from Norfolk, United Kingdom on 19/02/2011
I am very impressed with the above product which I received so quickly. I am sending the free samples to my daughter in Denmark as I know she will love them and I shall buy one of the products for her birthday in September. Many thanks.
Ian from Surrey, United Kingdom on 18/02/2011
Hi pure beauty, Another positive feedback! Thanks for the quick delivery and the website is excellent.
Grace from Essex, United Kingdom on 12/02/2011
Many, many thanks for extremely fast service - ordered Thurs evening, arrived Sat morning. Kind regards.
Vivienne from Merseyside, United Kingdom on 10/02/2011
Hi, I just wanted to feed back that I thought the service you provided me was fantastic! It was the first time I'd ordered from your company and I found that my order arrived within 48 hours, well packaged with all samples I had ordered present. Thank you Pure-Beauty...I won't hesitate to purchase again in the near future.
Margaret from Kent, United Kingdom on 09/02/2011
I have used your website on many occasions and have found it to be a very rapid delivery service. Also the the people at the end of the phone were very helpful. Thank you for a great service!
Elaine from Berkshire, United Kingdom on 07/02/2011