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Our Customers' Reviews of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 74g

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (74g) View/Buy

Eunice Fenney 06/01/2022

I have used this product for over twenty years and I wouldn't be without it

Natalie Kelly 10/01/2022

Amazing daily exfoliant! I have used this stuff everyday for 20 years and still love it - leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and super clean.

Nicola Turner 25/02/2022

Absolutely love this microfoliant - skin feels so smooth - mild enough to use daily - I wouldn’t use anything else.

Lynn Street 18/03/2022

I love this product. Even with my sensitive skin it makes it feel clean and fresh without irritation. I use it every time I wash my face and wouldn’t be without it.


Have used this product for years. Wouldn’t be without it. Skin feels amazing after using it.

Kathryn Watts 30/05/2022

I have used this product for near on 10 years and I love it- does what it says on the bottle! I use twice a week but can be used 'daily'....again lasts ages if you use properly! another marvel!!!!

Lyndsey Philip 06/06/2022

Absolutely love this daily exfoliator as it isn't overly harsh on your skin - it has a lovely texture

emily langford 19/09/2022

Excellent product. Does leave your skin looking more alive

Emma Harrison 22/09/2022

Great product to clear all impurities from the skin. The grainy powder transforms into a foamy wash when mixed with a bit of water. I’ve used it for around 10 years now and on brief occasions I’ve stopped using it, I can really tell the difference.

Sue Billington 28/10/2022

Gentle and effective and easy to use. I just wish it was easier to tell when it’s nearly empty and time to buy more.


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