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Our Customers' Reviews of our Skincare Products

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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair (30ml) View/Buy

Mineneh Ekhabafe on 05/05/2011
love the way this product creates a brilliant smooth finish for my foundation!
Heather Foinette on 23/11/2011
This product is fantastic, I have rosacea and have struggled over the years to find products suitable. I use this with the other products from ultracalming and find that it absorbrs well and leaves a lovely silky smoothness on my skin. Ovell all my rosacea has improved dramatically.
Clare Mitchell Furtado on 26/01/2012
I have been using UltraCalming Barrier Repair for a year now and wouldn't be withouth it. I have very sensitive skin and any moisturiser or foundation will cause a reaction. This product feels nice on the skin and provides the barrier I need to wear make up. I'm so much more confident!
Julia Yemm on 31/03/2012
I just can't live without this product now - the most amazing silky finish ever and a perfect base for any foundation. The only downside is that now I have to order twice as much because my daughter loves it too! Julia, Suffolk
Nicola Richardson on 16/04/2012
This is my go to barrier after any facial waxing, it soothes and removes any irritation immediately. It's well worth the expense for my sensitive skin, I can only imagine it would be amazing on really sensitive skin. Great product.
Emma Gale on 02/11/2012
I have combination skin which sometimes tends towards sensitivity. The Barrier Repair was a lifesaver during a recent cold when the skin around my nose was becoming tender and red. By using this I prevented the usual patches of dry skin and, better still, the Rudolph Look! Highly recommended product, even if only used in am emergency situation when your skin has suddenly flared up with sensitivity.
Carol Wilson on 03/03/2013
I have just bought the ultra calming barrier relief and from the first use my skin has settled and it leaves a lovely light finish on the skin acting as a perfect make up base - cant believe I've not stumbled on this product before. I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin to try it. Very pleased with it and a welcome addition to my dermalogica favourites now.

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Calm Water-Gel (50ml) View/Buy

Mary Lawler on 04/09/2020
This stuff is amazing- it feels like the thickest moisture on your finger and skin, yet goes on weightlessly. Its amazing! Perfect for light, yet oil free hydrating!

Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser (250ml) View/Buy

Suzanne Shaw on 15/06/2011
After my Rosacea turing worse and flare-ups more severe and frequent, I found myself having to change from my usual skincare (for this skin type) due to it having a formulation change and it not agreeing with me anymore. Nothing had been working, So I tried Dermalogica Ultra Calming range after it actually being recomended by a sales assistant from a rival brand! So I did and havn't looked back, on first use it did'nt make my skin red at all, it truly does feel 'ultra calming!' it soothes and also seems cooling, plus for the first time in ages I was even able to use the rinsing method (after not being able to use water on my face for so long) I will stick to this plus the other amazing products in this range. I skin is improving at last-less redness/puffiness/heat and soreness Gr8!
Riikka Kvimark on 07/03/2012
I got diagnosed with Rosacea last year and had to change all my skin products.I tried several brands that where supposed to suit sensitive Rosacea skin but I they did not suit my skin.I am happy that I tried Dermatologica because this is the only brand that suits my skin without irritating the skin at all.I love all Dermatologica products.This cleanser takes away some of the redness I use it twice a day.Great product!