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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (100ml) View/Buy

Barbara Evans on 16/12/2014
I've been using skin smoothing cream for years, and I am told I look younger than my 61 years:) It is a great product, with the added bonus of two lovely samples to try for free. What's not to like?
Rinisha Tailor on 09/03/2015
I have used this for years and love this. I have combination skin and this works perfectly. PureBeauty are always the cheapest and they give free samples which is great. Service is always fantastic.
Jayne Worth on 23/02/2015
This is my perfect moisturizer - I have used for a number of years and it is very calming to my skin. Great under foundation. Unperfumed and good for sensitive skin too.
Lucy Jepson on 22/06/2015
A great moisturiser for normal skin. I use the barrier repair underneath this to protect my sensitive areas of skin when needed. Smells great and really helps skin to look healthy and bright.
Catherine McKeon on 09/09/2015
Love this. Just right non greasy but moisturises just perfectly. I have very sensitive skin and it is very mild - no smell or colour. Just perfect
Sinead Mullen on 03/02/2016
This product is amazing and I have only been using it for 3 weeks! I have sensitive spot prone skin, and this cream is so hydrating and feels amazing. My skin has never looked so good! PureBeauty is a great website and by far the cheapest.
Hilary Clark on 20/08/2019
I have been using this cream for many years but I am not over impressed with the new formula. It is more expensive (inevitably!), slightly lighter in weight but oilier. Why are 48 hours of hydration needed when most of us cleanse every 12?
Suzaan Lochner on 11/01/2020
I love this product. I have been using this for over 15 years. It's smooth and non greasy and is fantastic for my dry skin. Thank you.
Joyce Stackhouse on 15/04/2020
Have been using Dermalogica products for years, the I improved hydration is excellent as I have sensitive skin. Would definitely recommend.
Pamella Standish on 10/05/2020
l have had some awful skin problems recently ,the doctor prescribed cream for my face,it did not work ! BUT the smoothing cream has worked wonders, ts a little miracle in a tube, my skin is fabulous