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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (74g) View/Buy

Jackie Barrett on 10/12/2015
Leaves my skin smooth and bright, looks and feels great. Would highly recommend.
Stephanie Hampton on 28/11/2019
Makes my skin feel super soft! Only a small amount of powder is needed so a little goes a long way. Would recommend.
Jennifer Maiden on 03/12/2019
The mixture of physical exfoliants and enzymes mean this is a really effective exfoliant but it is also really gentle on your skin. One of my all time favourites
Stephanie Summers on 04/04/2020
I love this product. It lasts for ages. Very effective. I suffer from dry skin so sometimes get dead skin which i want to remove before I put any make up on etc. Beautiful. Will keep buying for sure!
Joanna Ledger on 05/05/2020
I absolutely love this product. After using, my skin feels so clean and without any dryness or tightness, and it is so gentle on my sensitive skin too with no redness or irritation caused. My makeup applies so much better too!
Angelica Orsi on 20/05/2020
After trying other facial powder exfoliants, I came back to the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant because it truly is superior. The powder never cakes together. It refreshes the skin (I use it every evening) and it gets rid of dry skin very well.
Edelina Morgan on 29/05/2020
I SWEARRR by this product. I have acne prone skin which is particularly oily in my T zone but I find this is a perfect gentle exfoliant which hep9d keep my acne at bay. I'd recommend it for those with acne prone skin and anyone else
Rebecca Sage on 17/06/2020
Simply the best microfoliant I have ever come across - it lasts for ages as you only dispense a tiny amount, makes my skin feel so smooth and I love the fact that as it's rice based there are no microbeads and it's reef and ocean friendly!
Bethan Lovett on 17/06/2020
I recently started using this exfoliator and it's amazing. I have acne prone sensitive skin, and this has helped to clear and brighten my skin, without any irritation or redness. Will be buying again!
Alison Luscombe on 17/06/2020
Great product and just one of the fantastic Dermalogica product range that I use would highly recommend