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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner (250ml) View/Buy

Lynda Garbarino on 25/07/2012
This toner for me is definitely a best buy - I find it hydrates and refreshes my skin without any adverse reactions. I don't stick to morning/night time use, I also use it during the day just to give my skin a little boost. I also love the handbag size as well as it is ideal to have with you during the day or for taking on holiday. Lynda G - Glasgow
Tanisha Abbotts on 29/08/2012
I first started off with the 50ml I got from a salon. I loved it that much I had to get more, I found this site the products are the cheapest I've come across. My skin feels beautiful, I use this throughout my day and it leaves my face feeling refreshed.
Marietjie Perrett on 13/09/2012
I wasn't sure about using a toner as in the past I have found toner gives me breakouts. I bought a small bottle and use a little bit at a time. The results were good so I ordered a 250ml bottle and I know use it every day and eve. I use it on my face neck and chest! A must have!
Michelle Watt on 19/11/2012
I first came across this product in the starter kit i bought from a salon. I was a bit dubious about whether it was worth the money as it wasnt one of the products individually recommended for me at the time. After using it my initial doubts were forgotten and i found myself ordering a 250ml from pure-beauty. The product is very light and refreshing. Just close your eyes and spray on. you do not need much just 2 pumps is enough but instantly you feel refreshed and your skin looks and feels hydrated. I use this immediately after using the special cleansing gel and follow this regime with skin smoothing cream. the results are fantastic. It may seem like a large initial outlay but you need to use so little of the product that they last a long time. As i bought the largest size bottles of everything it will be atleast another 6 months before i will be needing to buy again. When my products are getting low i will definately buy again from pure-beauty as there customer service, postage and prices are fantastic.
Emily Stanton on 24/04/2013
This is a great refreshing product for the skin after cleansing. It works as a great base before moisturising! I found some toners left me with breakouts and some were so strong they stung my eyes and irritated my skin. This is beautifully gentle on my skin and doesn't sting my eyes. It lasts ages and is great value for money. I feel it gives my skin an added glow before the day ahead.
Lucy Jepson on 22/06/2015
I have been using this toner for years and I love it! I dispense it into a smaller 50ml toner spray bottle and use it during the day to refresh and moisturise my skin. Perfect for hydration on hot days and when flying. 250ml last ages, recommend!
Kelly Strachan on 28/05/2015
My favourite toner! I use this every morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed! I was recommended Dermalogica products by a friend and now use several of their products!
Claire Moyle on 03/06/2015
This toner is amazing! It is super light weight and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and not sticky. I have an oily skin that is particularly blemish prone. It helps to cool and calm my skin. I also use it whilst abroad as a refreshing spritz
Rebecca Halls on 17/02/2016
Ive never before found a toner that feels so nice and refreshing on the skin and that actually moisturises the skin at the same time. Its even great over makeup for a quick freshen up in the day when your skin feels dry.
Joyce Stackhouse on 15/04/2020
Have been using this toner for years, it is a lightweight toner which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. Would definitely recommend this product.