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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner (250ml) View/Buy

Fiona Morris on 08/04/2008
A gentle yet effective toner. Two squirts and you\'re done. Very gentle with no irritable effects and leaves your skin very refreshed. I also carry a smaller sized spray in my handbag when I\'m travelling and this is now one of my bag \'must haves\'.
Lucy Kneebone on 16/02/2009
Love this product, it smells gorgeous and is really cooling and refreshing after toning. Creates a fantastic base for moisturising and i feel like it makes my skin glow.
Charlotte HOGG on 14/06/2009
This product is fantastic. It smells great and feels very refreshing after cleansing. It really helps my moisturiser work better and makes my skin feel fresh and smooth. Can\'t recommend it enough!
Emma-louise Simpson on 10/09/2009
A definate hand bag must have,hot humid days and grimy stuffy public transport are no longer a problem,a quick spritz and you feel refreshed and clean, lovely fragrance and non stinging or sticky.Great for use before sheer tint moisture, and as a bonus lasts ages too.A facial in a bottle!
MARIE CRERAND on 23/02/2010
My Beauty Therapist used this on me when i was having a Facial, I must admit when she first sprayed my Face un-expected i nearly Jumped of the Bed. I have now purchased this along with Cleansers & Multi Active Toner as recommended & Honestly say i will never Look back. Brilliant products, I have even caught the Husband using it.
Clarissa Akakpo on 25/10/2010
This is fab! It adds instant moisture to your face especially after exfoliating, cleansing and applying a masque. It is also very refreshing and is just what you need before applying moisturiser. It’s a great idea to have a toner in a spray bottle – this will definitely remain part of my daily beauty regime for a long time. Thanks Pure Beauty for making Dermalogica so affordable.
Sarah Polak on 06/03/2011
THIS IS THE BEST TONER EVER!! The spray bottle is genius. I find when putting toner on with a cotton wool pad, it feels like the pad absorbs all of the product and very little goes on my face. With the spray, everything goes on your face so there is no waste. It lasts for ages too. It is also really refreshing. I have used it after the gym and it feels lovely on my skin!
Sarah Wattison on 07/09/2011
So nice to find a toner that is suitable for all skin types. I know this says to spray onto the face, but I tend to put it on a cotton wool ball and then sweep it over the face. It leaves my skin feeling nicely refreshed.
Christina Walton on 10/09/2011
I use this every morning before applying powder foundation to add just the right amount of moisture as a base. It smells gorgeous, hydrates really well and the smaller bottle is great to keep in a handbag to use during the day especially if you have small dry patches of skin that need attending to!
Nicola Richardson on 16/04/2012
Super toner,so fresh and invigorating ,especially followed by active moist,I think it also help my skin absorb my moisturiser better.great product