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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Active Moist (100ml) View/Buy

Fiona Morris on 08/04/2008
I can\'t rate this moisturiser highly enough. It\'s easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed looking. After one week\'s usage I have noticed a marked difference in my skin both in terms of visible oil production, appearance and texture (even under make up).
Erin Donnelly on 17/10/2008
I simply could not live without this product. I have oily/combination skin and find this to be the perfect moisturiser for me. Recently I tried a different brands moisturiser (to try and save money) I quickly realised that you get what you pay for as the alternative bought me out in spots and made my skin really greasy straight away, so I went back to Active Moist and really believe it\'s worth the investment. Besides the 100ml tube lasts me around 6mths so is well worth it for good skin.
Jo Jones on 07/05/2009
Brilliant product! Have tried every moisturiser on the market including Creme de la Mer - this is the only moisturiser I\'ve found that caters for dry skin with adult break-outs. Have since ordered a mass of Dermalogica products and my skin has been totally transformed in a month.
Anne-Louise Robens on 20/10/2009
I have combination skin - from dry to very oily and prone to acne breakouts (i.e. constant acne). This moisturiser caters for each area of my face. Light application for oily areas help maintain moisture and reduce oil. Keeps my dry skin healthy - especially after breakouts. A great all round moisturiser that won\'t block your pores. Although there are no claims that this moisturiser helps smooth skin I could swear my skin is smoother after using this.
Christine Tran on 07/01/2010
I have been using Dermalogica Active Moist for over a year now and my acne prone skin has cleared up immensely. My skin feels soft and fresh and pimple free which is great. If I feel like I need a bit of moisture in the winter months I use the Skin Smoothing Cream.
MARY MAYNES on 26/03/2010
Excellent product! I have used lots of other well know brand names but they were ineffective. Active moist is oil free and suits my skin type so I will continue to purchase it in the future.
Yvonne Russell on 29/03/2011
really good product - very smooth on the face and best of all oil free!
Jay Bains on 30/03/2011
This cream was great, definitely the best I've used so far.It's lightweight, non- oily and best results are with dermal clay cleanser !!! The only cream that hasn't made my face look oily and greasy.
Christina Walton on 10/09/2011
A great, non-oily moisturiser which is perfect for everyday use. It works really well as a base for my foundation and keeps it in place all day without turning dry. I was surprised at how big the tube was, too - it will last for ages!
Jennifer Hardi on 22/09/2011
I have a combination skin (oily on the T zone) with occassional break out on those bad days. A friend of mine has then recommended me to try the Dermalogica Active Moist and I have never looked anywhere else since! It is lightweight, refreshing, comfortable and not oily at all. A week from using it, I have noticed the difference in my complexion. it's perfect especially during summer time.