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Customer Product Reviews of Dermalogica Precleanse (150ml)

Review by Jacky Kwok
"I have been using Precleanse for the last 2 years and it is really good for removing makeup." (Posted 01/07/2010)

Review by Victoria Ginn
"Before using this product I thought the idea of a 'precleanse' was just a gimmick. However, from the first time my beautician used it on my face I was convinced. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and it is gentle enough to use on the eye area. I'm now hooked! " (Posted 13/08/2010)

Review by paul lunn
"Ok, a little too early to give detailed feedback on precleanse, as i've just used it today. But i must admit, my skin did feel extra clean after using this, followed by special cleansing gel. I've used other cleansers twice over and never felt this comfortable cleanliness on my skin, so it bodes well. What i really wanted to give feedback on were two things. Firstly, the incredible next morning delivery, even though i'd ordered after 2pm the previous day. The detailed email updates on the orders progression were great. But best of all, the nice suprise when opening my parcel, to find the precleanse was boxed with free 50ml sizes of special cleansing gel and multi active toner. So you get the cheapest prices on the web (although you can get lucky on Ebay now & then), great customer service, next day delivery, free travel size gifts and 10 samples of your choice. Amazing. " (Posted 15/10/2010)

Review by Kim Freeman
"This stuff is great. It feels strange to put something oily on already oily skin but it really does work. You can feel it breaking down the daily grime. My face definately feels much cleaner after using and allows the cleanser to work on my actual skin. It doesn't feel like it strips your skin either. It smells amazing too. One to recommend" (Posted 07/02/2011)

Review by Sarah Polak
"I was shown this product at the Dermalogica counter in Selfridges and when I was told about it I kind of rolled my eyes at the thought of it, but I was given a few sample sachets anyway. I used the samples and I am totally converted!! It isnt the kind of product I will use everyday, just when I have worn full make up (foundation etc) and it literally melts off your make up, so when you have finishing cleaning your face it feels so nice and clean Like I said, not an everyday product but I definitely recommend it!" (Posted 06/03/2011)

Review by Denise Scott
"This product is excellent. I have only used it once but already my pores look and feel much clearer. It felt lovely on my skin and was really simple to use. Although it feels instinctively wrong to put oil onto your face, especially oily skin like mine, it really works a treat. I would highly recommend it. As always my delivery arrived quickly and well packaged. Brilliant service, thank you." (Posted 18/03/2011)

Review by Christine Burke
"The Precleanse is absolutely fantastic. I was addicted to face wipes for years as I could never find any other way of removing all make up, including mascara, to my satisfaction. But with Precleanse all of your make up is removed very quickly and easily. I was worried it might sting your eyes when you rubbed them to remove mascara but this is not the case at all. No stinging or discomfort of any kind. I will never go back to face wipes, ever!" (Posted 29/09/2011)

"Over the years I have struggled with blemished skin which at times could not be hidden with make-up on, so I decided to research and search the internet for a product that would not only go skin deep but also works on the top of the surface.I have tried to many other products which only made my problem worse, that's how I found out about Dermalogica and boy am I glad that I did, I purchased the Pre-cleanse & the Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser which works wonders together, there's no gimmick but I can see how my skin looks so much healthier without the redness and the clarity of my skin which is now beginning to shine through. Thank you Also thanks for the sample's which has helped we work out which is best for my skin." (Posted 18/12/2011)

Review by Katie Wade
"WOW, I love this product. It has a delicious smell and it lovely to use. It has made my sometimes dry skin feel soft and supple after the first couple of uses. I combine this with the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution I normally use, and have really noticed a difference in the way my skin looks. I suffer with a congested T zone and even this does not seem as congested. Love this product - would definately recommend to anyone." (Posted 04/04/2012)

Review by Katharine Taylor
"I have flirted with the idea of trying Dermalogica for years but always thought it might be over-priced, wouldn't work etc Anyway, fate intervened and after a recent bout of dodgy skin having come off the pill, I thought I'd go for it so invested in the Precleanse and Daily Micofoliant to start off with. I had seen the reviews on both which encouraged me to try them but I was still sceptical given how temperamental my skin can be. I definitely thought Precleanse wouldn't live up to its reputation! Anyway, you can guess what's coming. The first time I tried it, I was staggered at how much make-up it removed from my face. The product does exactly what it says on the bottle - foundation, waterproof mascara, everything just melted before my eyes and landed straight in the sink once I'd got to the rinse stage. Better still, my skin really did feel clean and I hadn't even moved on to stage 2! Suffice to say I am impressed and so pleased I invested in it. The texture and clarity of my skin has really started to improve using both this and Daily Microfoliant. Thank you, Dermalogica and Pure Beauty!" (Posted 31/10/2012)
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