Sensitive skin can be soothed at Pure Beauty

Elemis Cleansing Wash

Red patches on your face, dryness, blemishes, itches, tingles, tightness and stinging are all signs of sensitive skin.

At Pure Beauty we offer a range of products that are perfect for sensitive skin and we are always happy to send out samples so you can try new brands before investing in them.

The Elemis Sensitive Cleansing Wash is packed with anti-bacterial rich Thyme, German Chamomile and Lady’s Mantle, which promote calm, healthy skin. The rich cleansing foam can be used morning and night to condition and moisturise even the most sensitive of skin, leaving it pampered and soothed. The creamy foam formula is also an excellent shaving base and can be used as a soap substitute on the body.

If you are looking for immediate hydration for dry, sensitive skin, the Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Calm Water-Gel is a great option. This weightless, refreshing gel sinks into the skin and creates a weightless barrier. The dual Hyaluronic Acid technology works on the various layers of the skin so that moisture is locked in while Apple Fruit Extract and Glycerine softens it. The overall effect is soothed, calm skin that can breathe more easily.

Lavender, Willow, Centella Asiatica and Myrrh have been blended together to create the fabulous Elemis S.O.S. Emergency Cream. This intense moisturiser not only restores vital hydration levels but also repairs and de-sensitising sensitive skin. A good base for make-up, this healing cream can be used morning and night and really does deliver relief and brings back healthy, glowing skin.

The eye area can be extremely sensitive and this is why we love the Decleor Refreshing Eye Make-up Remover. Fragrance-free and rich in Camellia Oil, this product removes all traces of make-up, including waterproof mascara, but leaves even the saddest skin soothed, decongested and revived. For the best results, shake the bottle before use, then hold two soaked cotton pads on the eyes for several seconds before applying light pressure from the eyelid to the lash line to remove make-up and dirt.

The most sensitive of skins will really benefit from the power of the Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask. This skincare product is packed with therapeutic plant extracts that have been blended in a unique cream base.  Used for just ten minutes, twice a week, this mask nourishes even the more tired complexions. Mimosa and Honey Absolute have been combined with extracts of Sea Rocket, Orange and Bergamot and after rinsing away the mask with warm water, skin feels moisturised, soft and enriched.

At night-time our skin rests and repairs and this can be aided with the application of Decleor Rose D’Orient Soothing Night Balm. This natural, preservative-free, melt into the skin balm, is a blissful aromatic night-care treatment for sensitive skin that needs a little extra love. Applying a little warm balm before bed, will soothe you skin and reduce irritation so you wake up with soft, soothed, calm skin that is ready for the day ahead.

For more information get in touch today and we would love to help.

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Opt for UltraCalming For Your Sensitised Skin

Opt for UltraCalming For Your Sensitised Skin

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Dealing with sensitised skin can be so tricky; finding products which don’t irritate your face is often trial and error, but the very act of trying new products can be enough to make your skin feel red, tight and itchy. Dermalogica have a whole range of products which are designed specifically for skin which is feeling over-sensitised, and we thought we’d give you a quick overview of some of the products:

Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser

Cleansing sensitive skin is often a delicate balancing act between getting your skin clean and not irritating it, which is why you need a specific cleanser such as Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser. It’s a soothing, pH-balanced gel/cream that glides easily over face and eyes to cleanse without stripping your skins protective barrier whilst helping to calm and cool sensitised or highly reactive skin.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Calm Water-Gel

Sensitised skin is often very dehydrated and needs a refreshing wash of moisture to get it back to its best. This moisturiser is a gel which melts into the skin, forming a weightless barrier against environmental assault. It contains apple extract and glycerine, as well as double hyaluronic acid to lock moisture in.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief Primer SPF20

Protecting your face from the sun when it’s already suffering from sensitivity is really important, and not just on sunny days, but all year round. This primer from Dermalogica contains a broad-spectrum sunscreen and has a green tint, which reduces the appearance of redness. It’s perfect as a translucent, redness-reducing makeup prep and helps to soothe and strengthen the skin.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair

Giving your skin a shield against the harsh pollutants and environmental issues that might irritate your complexion is an important part of your daily routine, and this barrier repair is designed for exactly that. It’s a waterless moisturiser which melts into the skin and protect the skin from all the things which can cause redness and irritation. It soothes the skin and create a smooth base, ideal for using before make-up.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Defence Booster

Il-based products are a great ally for irritated skin as often the skin is lacking the natural oil that it need to maintain a healthy balance. It nourishes and soothes the skin, reinforcing the skins naturally protective barrier against environmental aggressors and preventing irritation before it starts. It can be used twice a day over the face, neck and chest.

Tea tree oil – can you see it on Pure Beauty?

Elemis Tea Tree SOS Spray

Extracted from the Australian Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia), Tea Tree Oil has endless uses but is particularly good for your skin. It has become an increasingly popular ingredient in a wide variety of beauty such as skin and nail creams, massage oils and face wash, thanks to natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

There is no doubt that this powerhouse of an oil should be tried at least once and we have had a look at the products it appears in on the Pure Beauty website.

If you want a cleanser that helps deals with adult breakout-prone skin, the Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash is worth a try. The natural antiseptic extracts of Balm Mint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil work on bacteria and congestion while Menthol and Camphor cool the inflammation that acne can cause. From the very first use, skin is left feeling clean and because the cleanser takes away impurities and dead skin cells, further outbreaks are reduced.

Let’s begin with the Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray which is pure and simply Tea Tree Oil in purified water. The antiseptic and powerful anti-bacterial and antiviral properties can be used for deodorising feet and is a brilliant way to keep smells at bay in shoes and trainers. Ideal for first aid kits, this protects against insect bites and can be used on cuts and spots. It soothes skin after waxing and can even ease a congested backs and chests.

Our skin works overtime at night and that is why the Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel is popular with Pure Beauty customers, and for good reason. Vitamin B has been blended with  Zinc Gluconate, Yeast Extract, Caffeine and Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid to soothes irritation and slow down over active sebaceous glands as you sleep.  Rosemary and Spiraea hit bacteria at the source point and Tea Tree Oil helps the skin to heal.

We love Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream because it is jam-packed with the hydroxy acids and essential plant oils that smooth and condition our skin and take away irritating dryness. With this product the anti-inflammatory properties of Green Tea, Lavender, Tea Tree and Chamomile oils soothe and soften the skin, while essential oils of Sandalwood, Orange, Clary Sage, Patchouli and Rosemary lock in moisture. Simply apply to skin after showering and the silky lotion sinks into your skin and gets to work straight away.

There is nothing worse than getting ready to go out and seeing a spot on your chin. The Dermalogica Emergency Spot Fix is a topical formula that kills breakout-causing bacteria deep within pores so it clears breakouts, fast. This has been created using a variety of ingredients including Green Tea and Licorice which soothes and calms the skin while a botanical complex of Magnolia, Hiba Cedar and Grapefruit manages bacteria and controls sebum. It’s the antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities of Tea Tree Oil that kills bacteria and it is best to apply the products directly to the spot before moisturising and at the first sign of a breakout.

It can be hard to find a shower product that works for all the family but the Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash is a pretty good option. All skin types can benefit from the expert blend of purifying essential oils and natural extracts that come together to cleanse and condition skin without drying it out. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon and Rosemary gently purify the skin as it is washed with Sandalwood and Lavender leaving it smooth, soft and smelling fresh and natural.

For more information about these, or any products we stock at Pure Beauty, get in touch and we will happy to help and send you samples.

Team Pure Beauty

Transform Your Skin Overnight

Transform Your Skin OvernightNight creams are a really great way to give your skin some extra help; you usually apply them before bed and sleep in them, which means you’re able to use richer creams which don’t soak in immediately or need to work with make-up. Recently, we’ve added a new night cream to our shelves, Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon, and it’s so remarkable that we thought we’d take the time to tell you all about it!

What is it?

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon is a gel-cream which is designed to transform your skin overnight. It contains essential oils which are motion-activated and work all night to promote deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin by morning.

What does it do?

It visibly increases the skin’s radiance by morning, giving you results after just one application. It reduces signs of fatigue and restores vitality, as well as promoting deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin.

Who is it for?

Unlike a lot of rich, transformative night creams, Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon is suitable for all skin types. That means that even people with oily or acne prone skin can use it, and it can often be hard to find night creams and treatments for these types of complexion. It’s particularly useful for people with ageing skin, but can really be used by anyone.

What are the ingredients?

One of our favourite things about Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon is the ingredients. It contains tamarind seed extract, which helps to promote skin’s natural hydration process as well as wu-zhu-yu extract, which provides visibly radiant skin by morning. It also contains Persian silk tree extract to reduce signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality. It’s vegan friendly, gluten free, contains no artificial fragrances or colours and is totally paraben free.

How do I use it?

After completing your usual night time cleansing routine and applying targeting treatments like eye and lip creams, apply the gel-cream to your whole face and allow to soak in overnight.

What are other people saying about Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon?

“I like how light weight it is. I used it alone at first and it was ok. Then I tried it on top of my moisturiser and I liked it better that way. The smell is good without being too over powering. I feel like I sleep throughout the night MORE when I use this. When I don’t use it, I’m more restless when I sleep.”

“This is a new product and OMG! The texture of this cream is luxurious! I’m a huge fan of the smell also. This is an anti-ageing cream to help brighten and hydrate while you sleep. It literally cocoons your skin and when you wake up your skin feels so much smoother!”

“This product has my heart. The pricing of this is also pretty good and reasonable. First-hand experience was, this is good stuff. It’s easily available as well. It was effective and I would definitely recommend this!”

Mother’s Day at Pure Beauty

Elemis British Botanical Hand & Nail Butter

11 March is Mother’s Day in the UK and is a time for families to come together to celebrate the mums who make life lovely in so many ways.

At Pure Beauty we stock a range of fantastic products from great brands and are certain there is something that will show your mum just how much she means to you.

There is something special about a luxury hand cream, and that is exactly what the British Botanical Hand and Nail Butter is. Essential oils of soothing Lavender and Chamomile have been blended with uplifting Geranium and Palmarosa as well as skin conditioning Burdock extract and intensely moisturising Shea butter. From the very first application, hands are left beautifully soft, hydrated and delicately fragranced.

For busy mums who love the gym or often travel with work, the Dermalogica Travel Essentials Kit contains everything they need for top to toe cleansing. This clever gift comes with the Daily Cleansing Shampoo (50ml), Daily Conditioning Rinse (50ml), Conditioning Body Wash (75ml) and the Body Hydrating Cream (75ml) which makes it the  perfect introduction to this iconic brand.

There is nothing nicer for a mum who does everything for everyone, to have some time to themselves. The Decleor 2 in 1 Purifying and Oxygenating Mask can be used twice a week and because it works best when left on for ten minutes, it is the perfect time out gift. This product combines an exfoliant and mask to create a simple, gentle ,effective approach to skin pureness. Bamboo Tears cleanse without dehydrating the skin while Egyptian Loofah Fibres gently clear the dead cells that can dull and grey our complexions. White Jojoba has also been added to further restore hydration and your mum’s skin will be left feeling soft and her mind and body will be calm after a break from the stresses of the day.

The Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm contains a blend of essential oils that promote harmony, tranquillity and relaxation, something all mums need from time to time. Patchouli Oil is uplifting and balancing, while the freshness of Eucalyptus Oil clears the mind and helps focus concentration. Renowned as being deeply sedative, Ho Wood has been added into the mix as it is great for relaxation and Centella Asiatica helps reduce stress and anxiety. By simply massaging a couple of drops into the back of her neck, ear lobes and temples and then lying down and taking some deep breaths, your mum will start to relax and feel the issues of the day float away.

Your mum might cleanse, tone and moisture, but how about adding a serum to her beauty regime this Mother’s Day? The Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum is fantastic as it maximises night time skin repair so that fine lines are minimised and luminosity is boosted. Your mum can either smooth the serum into her skin or blend with her night cream and the supercharged peptide potion will help stimulate collagen production while Argan and Rose oils will revitalise her skin and smooth away imperfections.

Together with a bunch of beautiful flowers and a cup of tea, we think one of these gifts will make your mum feel cherished this Mother’s Day.

Team Pure Beauty