Ease sensitive skin with Dermalogica


Itching, stinging, burning, redness and peeling are all indictors of sensitive skin, a condition that can cause both pain and embarrassment.

At Pure-Beauty our expert team is on hand to offer advice across a range of products aimed at helping calm and soothe sensitive skin so you can feel happy and confident with your complexion.

When it comes to sensitive skin you need to keep it clean but by doing this you don’t want to exacerbate the situation further. The Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Cleanser is a soothing, pH-balanced gel that cleanses the skin without stripping it of natural oils . As well as containing Dermalogica’s UltraCalming™ Complex, other ingredients include:

  • Cooling cucumber extract soothes and calms irritated skin.
  • Natural antiseptic and disinfecting Lavender helps to desensitise the skin.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 promotes healthy tissue regeneration.
  • Raspberry extract promotes healing and soothes inflamed skin.

Simply massage the gel into your skin morning and night and when you rinse it away you’ll be left with cooler, calmer skin.

If you want to add a toner into your beauty regime, but think they are too harsh for your skin, why not try the Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Mist? This super-soothing toner provides hydration whilst relieving and defending against the inflammation that causes redness. Simply spray the mist on your face, neck and throat or apply with your fingers and let the ingredients soak in and do their work.

Senstive skin needs to be kept hydrated and applying the Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Barrier Repair is a great product for this. The unique, waterless moisturiser melts into sensitive skin and as it does so, it soothes and helps repair damage. The cream protects against environmental conditions and helps combat free radicals and moisture loss. It has an amazing velvety texture and once applied you have a smooth, even base for make-up application.

Redness can be a real problem for some women. Not only can it be painful but it can also cause embarrassment and issues in social situations. The Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Redness Relief Primer SPF 20 can help deal with all of this. Goodness packed natural botanical extracts provide a sheer green tint to counter redness which in return can offer confidence in appearance. The Broad Spectrum protection diffuses redness and calms irritation and this product is best used before moisturiser  to offer comfort and give back control.

The sun can really aggravate sensitive skin but the Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 can help. This chemical-free, Broad Spectrum sunscreen helps protect and reinforce the natural barrier lipids that can get damaged when you have sensitised skin. It is packed with Dermalogica’s exclusive UltraCalming™ Complex which has been specifically developed to reduce sensitivity, redness, irritation and inflammation. Natural antioxidants and botanical extracts guard against premature aging and irritation and hyaluronic acid helps maintain optimal hydration and improves elasticity. This product is most effective when applied at least 30 minutes before you go out in the sun and should be reapplied as necessary.

Serums are another great way to look after sensitive skin. The Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate is a silky, concentrated serum that can work wonders on troubled skin. It is best to use this product every day on sensitised skin but is also ideal for flare-ups on all skin conditions making it a great beauty bag staple.

If you need help with this issue, or anything else when it comes to skincare, get in touch today and we will be very happy to help.

Team Pure-Beauty.


Keep Cool with Dermalogica and Decleor

Keep Cool It FINALLY seems like we might be seeing some sort of summer, here in the UK, which means that no sooner have we packed our brollies away, us Brits will be griping about how hot it is (seriously, are we never happy with the weather?!). There are, however, several products which can help us stay cool at this time of year so we thought we’d take a look at the best of what Decleor and Dermalogica has to offer.

Dermalogica Environmental Control Deodorant

One of the more inconvenient aspects of getting all hot and bothered is the sweat, which can rapidly become body odour if you don’t use a bacteria-killing product to keep things under control. Dermalogica’s Environmental Control Deodorant is a completely natural product which controls bacteria, kills under-arm odour and won’t irritate your skin in the process, perfect for helping you to feel secure about your scent at this time of year.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist

Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist is a fantastic multi-functional product which can be used to soothe sensitised skin which is feeling red and inflamed, especially after resurfacing treatments or waxing, but is also fabulous for hot weather. Spritzing yourself with this Aloe-based product will keep you cool, help your skin to stay fully hydrated and will offer maximum comfort when you’re getting hot under the collar.

Decleor High Repair After Sun Balm for the Face

If you’ve capitalised on the warmer weather and spent the day outside, you may well have caught the sun and be feeling in need of a soothing treatment for burned skin. This after sun balm from Decleor is a rich, 100% natural formula which will intensively repair the skin after sun exposure and reduce redness, as well as the tight or burning feeling you’re left with after too much sun.

Dermalogica All Over Toner

If you’re a youngster and want a product to keep you cool as well as actively helping to deal with acne or hormonal breakouts, then this toner from the Clear Start range is ideal. As well as offering a calming spritz to keep the face and neck refreshed in warmer weather, this product also contains ingredients to help control sebum, reduce the over-all appearance of excess oil and spots and and anti-microbial ingredient to kill spot-causing bacteria.

Decleor Soothing After Sun Milk for the Body

Aftersun for your face is essential, but so is something for the rest of your body – ever burned your shoulders in the sun and spent the rest of the evening in agony, every time you move?! Decleor’s Soothing After Sun Milk for the Body offers the skin a gentle, soothing layer of hydration to intensively cool and nourish the skin. It helps you to develop and even tan, prevents peeling and will repair damage done by over-exposure to the sun.

Stay safe in the sun

pexels-photo Finally, after a winter that seemed to go on forever, the sun is out and the skies are blue.

Whilst we welcome the warmer weather with open arms, it is important to remember to keep safe in the sun. Not only can the sun dehydrate the skin, causing premature ageing, but over exposure and burning can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Whether you’re old or young you need to protect your skin, which is most at risk between 11am and 3pm. During these times it is best to stay inside or in the shade, to wear a t-shirt, sunglasses and a hat and to ensure you have applied enough sun cream.

With so many options when it comes to sunscreen it can be hard to know which one to use, when and how often.

So we are here to help.

We will begin by saying that whilst sunscreens can help protect the skin they do not protect us completely from sun damage on their own. It is vital to use cream and the precautions and steps we have already mentioned, if you want to stay safe and happy.
When you look for a sunscreen it is suggested that you buy one that has:

  • A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 (UVB protection). It is a good idea to be aware that those with a higher factor don’t always provide a vast amount more protection and don’t mean you can stay out in the sun for longer – the same application rules apply.
  • A star rating of at least 4 stars (UVA protection).

Once you have chosen your product, it is vital to apply it correctly otherwise you are putting yourself, and those in your care, at risk.

It should go without saying, but apply your cream to clean, dry skin around 30 minutes before you go out in the sun.

Slap it on
Many people simply do not apply enough cream to their skin and think a little goes a long way – not true. Our is to use around two teaspoons of sunscreen if you are covering your head, arms and neck and more like two tablespoons if you’re covering your whole body, whilst wearing a swimming costume. This might seem a lot but if your skin is exposed then burning and damage can easily occur,

Reapply, reapply, reapply
Sunscreen is really is easily rubbed, sweated and washed off the skin so follow the instructions to the letter.  Never skip an application – especially in the middle of the day – as you will regret it. This also goes for ‘water resistant’ and ‘waterproof’ products – once you are out of the water and have dried off, reapply to ensure you are safe.

Keep them cool
Store your sunscreen in a cool place. Extreme heat can ruin their protective chemicals and again put you at risk from the sun.

Check the expiry date
Most sunscreens last for around two to three years, but check your sunscreen has not expired before you use it to ensure it will still offer the protection you are expecting. If in doubt, buy some more.

Drink up
As well as using sunscreen, on warmer days it is also really important drink enough water to keep you feeling cool and hydrated.

Whilst sunburn is often short-lived and usually mild, try to avoid it because not only is it painful in the short term, but long term it can increase the risk of skin cancer. If it happens, you will know about it and will want to get into the cool. Apply a cold flannel to the affected skin. Drink lots of water, apply a water based after sun and if necessary take painkillers.

Enjoy the sun everyone, but keep safe.

Which Dermalogica and Decleor Sun Protection is Right for You?

It’s (FINALLY!) getting to that time of year when we need to start thinking about stronger sun protection for your whole body. Using a moisturiser or foundation with an SPF all year round is obviously advisable, but as our clothing gets smaller the area which needs sun protection gets bigger! There are some great options available from Dermalogica and Decleor, and we thought we’d take a look at which ones are right for you.


Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50

If you’re the sort of person to play a lot of sports, you’ll need to think about a good all-round sun lotion which will stand up to sweat and friction. Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50 is a high protection, water-resistant, broad-spectrum lotion which will stay put, even after the most rigorous workout and will even keep your skin moisturised after sweat-loss.


Decleor Ultra Protective Hydrating Milk SPF50 Body

If you have mature skin then you’ll want a sun lotion which not only protects your skin to a high level, but also one which is gentle enough for sensitive, delicate skin. Decleor Ultra Protective Hydrating Milk SPF50 Body was specially designed for sensitive, fragile and mature skin in need of extra protection. It offers ultimate protection by boosting the skins natural defences and even protects cell DNA from damage.


Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF30

If you have skin which is highly sensitive, it can be really tricky to find a sun lotion without chemicals which doesn’t irritate things even further depsite needing that added protection. Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 is part of the Ultra Calming range, designed precisely for people in this predicament, and is completely chemical-free, allowing you to protect yourself from the sun without exacerbating existing skin conditions.


Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30

If you’d rather use a tinted sunscreen than pile several different products onto your face during hot weather, then Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 is a really good option. It offers full coverage as a broad-spectrum sun lotion and is infused with earth minerals to give a light tint, without irritating your face or the use of harsh chemicals.

On Holiday

Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster SPF50

When you’re on holiday, you’ll no doubt want to look your best whether you’re hitting a Carribean beach, lounging outside some chic cafe in a European city or exploring the decks of a cruise ship and Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster SPF50 is perfect for all of those occasions. It can be added to your existing foundation or moisturiser and offers critical UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum sunscreen defence. The highly-scientific formula helps to smooth your skin while it protects and actively protects against environmental factors which may damage the skin.

Pure-Beauty – Amazing Products, Great Savings


At Pure-Beauty not only do we offer outstanding products, first class customer service and free delivery of Dermalogica items, but we have some fantastic discounts too.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types and very popular with our clients. The soap-free, foaming gel removes dirt and impurities without impacting the skin’s natural moisture balance which is key to a great complexion. Calming Balm Mint and Lavender extracts soothe the skin whilst Quillaja Saponaria gently foams away toxins and deep-cleanses debris. You can currently save 10% on the RRP making this product £25.20.

If you feel as if your skin needs a little extra zing, how about trying the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which has 12% off the RRP and comes in at £36.75? This totally unique, rice-based enzyme powder comes to life when mixed with water, seeing is believing. Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes smooth the skin and accelerate cell renewal as Bearberry, Aspergillus, Grapefruit and Licorice balance uneven pigmentation. Rice Bran and Rice Extract help regulate melanin production as dead skin cells vanish thanks to the micro-exfoliating ability of this product. A blend of Green Tea, Ginkgo and Colloidal Oatmeal calms inflammation, leaving skin clear and refreshed every time.

With your skin clean and smooth, it is ready to absorb the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. This medium-weight moisturiser is ideal for normal to dry skin types and can be used morning and night. Lecithin and Aloe Gel nourish the skin and extracts of Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica soothe and hydrate it, restoring suppleness and tone. Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract and Vitamins A, C and E reduce free radical activity and the light, emulsive protection helps shield against dehydration and pollution. There is 10% off the RRP at the moment making this products £42.10, a pretty good price for a cream that maintains skin’s moisture balance whilst improving texture.

One of our newest products on the site is the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque. This outstanding, an all-in-one treatment detoxifies, brightens and invigorates your skin and you will wonder how you ever survived without it. The fast acting, easy to remove masque rescues tired dull skin and can be used by everyone. We are offering 10% off at the moment, so for £34.20 you can put this masque to the test, for less.

Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer is a Pure-Beauty favourite. This multi-tasking primer works for all complexions but is especially effective for dry and dehydrated skin. The lightweight, non-greasy formula minimises fine lines and wrinkles creating a silky, salon looking finish. A clever H2ORelease™ Complex and Abyssinian Oil keeps skin mositurised and a micro-encapsulated tint provides light, neutral coverage. As if this wasn’t enough, Whu-Zhu-Yu Fruit Extract enhances skin radiance and Mushroom Extract, a natural astringent, reduces pore size and appearance. At the moment we are offering 10% off, making this just £34.20. Brilliant.

If you have any questions about these, or any of the products on the site, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.


Team Pure-Beauty.