Special Offer on Dermalogica Tri Active Cleanse

Dermalogica Tri-Active Cleanse is a triple-active concentrated cleanser that improves surface clarity, lifts dulling skin cells and prepares skin for maximum penetration of our unique complex of enzymes, peptides and active brighteners. Skin is left feeling ultra clean and conditioned. It is designed for people with hyper-pigmentation or uneven skin tone and is part of the new Dermalogica Chroma White TRx range of skin brightening products from Dermalogica.

RRP: £31.00
Our Usual Price: £24.50
Our Offer Price: £22.50
Offer Start Date: 20/05/2009
Offer End Date: 26/05/2009

Dermalogica Discontinued Products

Due to the recent launch of the Dermalogica Chroma White TRx range Dermalogica have discontinued 3 items from the retail product range. The products are:

Dermalogica Day Bright
Dermalogica Night Bright
Dermalogica Skin Brightening System

Although the new Dermalogica Chroma White TRx products are not the same as the discontinued products, if you are looking for an equivalent product we would recommend the following:

Dermalogica Day Bright – Try the new Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 30 (50ml)
Dermalogica Night Bright – Try the new Dermalogica Pure Night (50ml)Our Average Customer Rating

We know that it’s disappointing when a product that you have used for a period of time becomes unavailable. We would suggest that you look at the new Dermalogica Chroma White TRx range and if you need any specific skin care advice about the products then please email us at shop@pure-beauty.co.uk.

Dermalogica AGE Smart Starter Kit Update 2009

We have been notified by one of our customers that we have been incorrectly sending the Dermalogica AGE Smart Starter Kit which was supposed to contain the Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant but instead contained Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. We were not aware that this was happening and we believed that we had been ordering the correct kit from Dermalogica. This will only affect those kits purchased after 01/04/2009 and not all kits will have been incorrect. We have notified Dermalogica and they are now aware of the problem.

If you think that we may have sent you the incorrect product then please email us at shop@pure-beauty.co.uk with your order number and we will investigate and make any replacements as necessary.

We would like to apologies to all of our customers for this oversight and for any inconvenience caused.

Dermalogica Discount Code from Pure Beauty

We have added a 10% discount code for all of our customers. The details are as follows:

Discount Code: BLOG-MAY1-10
Discount Amount: 10% off
Start Date: Sunday 17th May 2009
End Date: Saturday 23rd May 2009

How is the code used?
When you have placed your order on our site and you are on the final page – Checkout 3/3 – you will be given the option of Redeeming Discount Code. All you need do is enter the code BLOG-MAY1-10 into the box and press the Get Discount button. This will then reduce the cost of your order by 10%.

What else do you need to know?

  1. The code can only be used on one order. We will not be able to redeem it against any other orders that are subsequently placed.
  2. The code is only available in the range of dates stipulated.
  3. Anyone can use this discount – please feel free to pass it on.
  4. The code will apply to the whole of your order.

Find Pure Beauty on Facebook

We have recently added a page on Facebook for Pure Beauty Online. This will allow our customers to have another chance to communicate with us in a free and fair way. Our customers will be able to:

  • Comment directly on our buiness, service and products and allow us to respond to them in a public way.
  • Allow transparency for all positive and negative feedback and see how we handle the feedback.
  • Discuss skin health issues and provide assistance that will benefit our customers.

This is an experiment for us that we hope our customers will appreciate and participate in. Our page can be found at the following link:

Pure Beauty Online Facebook Page