Free Dermalogica Trial Sizes with Orders over £50.00

Free Dermalogica Trial Sizes with Orders over £50.00

Free Dermalogica Trial Sizes with Purchase

Spend over £50.00 on Dermalogica Skincare Products and Choose FREE! Dermalogica Trial Sizes.

What else should you know?

  1. The allocated number of Free Trial Size Products is based on the following rules:
    1. £50.00-£85.00: 1
    2. £85.00-£115.00: 2
    3. £115.00-£145.00: 3
    4. £145.00-£175.00: 4
    5. Over £175.00: 5
  2. The value of the Dermalogica Products on
    qualifying orders, following any applied Discounts such as Discount
    Codes or Cash Back Reward Points, must be over £50.00. Any Postage costs incurred cannot be counted in this total.
  3. The offer is exclusive to Dermalogica Products. The value of any other products will not be counted in the £50.00 total required to be spent on Dermalogica Products for the offer.
  4. The Free Dermalogica Trial Sizes must be added to your basket at the time of ordering and cannot be sent after the order has been dispatched.
  5. Offer started 07:00 on 15/08/2016.
  6. Offer ended 16:00 on 14/10/2016.

Retinols from Dermalogica

“Retinol” is one of those words that we hear bandied about in adverts for beauty products almost every day, with many claiming it to be a wonder-ingredient. But what is retinol and why do we need it? Well, the long and short of it is pretty simple; it’s the animal form of vitamin A which is found in humans and performs a whole bunch of functions from aiding the immune system to reducing wrinkles to helping us to see in the dark! Here, we take a look at five of our best retinol-containing products and what they can do for you.

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair

This little potion is so powerful that it actually comes with a separate tube of “buffer cream” to allow you to dilute the formula for the first few days of use, to allow your skin to get used to such a potent product! It’s incredibly intense and fights against wrinkles, the signs of aging and fine lines, as well as reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and improving the firmness of the skin. This is not a product for the faint-hearted!

Dermalogica Clean Bar

Dermalogica Clean Bar

It may look like a bar of soap but the Dermalogica Clean Bar is actually totally soap-free and gets your skin squeaky clean without stripping away vital moisture. It can be used by all skin types but is a favourite of our male customers because lactic acid, oat kernel flower and retinol are all gentle exfoliants that ensure a smooth surface and a closer shave.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant

Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant

This powerful exfoliant feels like a little tube of magic when you apply it to the skin as it instantly heats up to dramatically enhance its own exfoliating power. It gently polishes off dulling skin cells to reveal smoother, fresher skin immediately and contains retinol to stimulate cell turnover and cell renewal.

Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster

Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster

This product is developed specifically for drier or prematurely aging skin and contains a blend of hydroxy acids and natural humectants for increased cell renewal and more supple, healthier-looking skin. Retinol is used to reverse the signs of photoaging, which is a really fancy way of saying sun damage!

Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum

Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum

Our eyes can be one of the first places to give away our age if we don’t take care of the delicate skin in this area. Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum is designed to target the signs of aging around the eyes using powerful ingredients, without irritating the area, as it can often be sensitive. Carrot root extract is used as it’s a great source of vitamin A which is super gentle, allowing it to be turned into retinol once absorbed into the skin. Clever, huh?!

Pure-Beauty and Decleor

Decleor Oil Image

We are pretty sure you know we are a Dermalogica retailer, but did you know that at Pure-Beauty we are also an authorised Decleor stockist?

Well, we are.

Decleor is a trusted expert and innovator in aromatherapy skincare. For the past four decades they have combined the purest natural ingredients to create products that make skin look and feel, the best it can.

At Pure-Beauty we offer free delivery of Decleor products as well as samples so you can try before you buy.

New to the brand and wondering where to start? Well, below are some of our biggest Decleor sellers.

The Decleor 24 Hour Hydrating Cream Rich is rich, velvety and perfect for skin that needs a little extra love. Rosehip Oil, which is full of essential fatty acids, has been blended with Avocado and Soy Plant Oils, to offer comfort to dry to normal skin types. Wild Pansy Extract spreads moisture in the epidermis whilst Samphire Extract allows the skin to retain moisture and Néroli Essential Oil effortlessly hydrates.

Decleor Dark Circle and Eye Wrinkle Eraser helps ease the first signs of ageing, something many of us worry about. It comes as a gel-cream that is packed with illuminating yellow pigments and Ruscus Extract both of which limit the appearance of dark circles. This product can be used morning and evening, after cleansing. For best results use the applicator to smooth one drop of the product from the inner eye, out towards the outer corner and watch your face light up.

The outstanding Decleor Essential Tonifying Lotion not only wakes up your complexion but also helps hydrate it. This gentle toner is paraben-free toner and it’s the Neroli Essential Oil that protects and repairs the skin whilst helping to fight dehydration – something many of our clients ask us about. It has a fresh, light fragrance and after the first use you will find your skin is free of tightness and instead feels moisturised and radiant.

If you are looking for a light cleanser that will gently remove your make-up, look no further than the Decleor Essential Cleansing Milk. Once again Essential Oil of Neroli is used to protect and repair the skin as well as fighting dehydration. Sweet Almond Oil softens and smooths the skin and you will wonder why you didn’t try this cleanser before when your face suddenly feels comfortable and moisturised.

The Decleor Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum is a multi-award winning super serum and it is easy to see why. Made from 100% essential oils that have been blend to help skin recover from the stress of everyday life, the product is magical. Thanks to the natural affinity with the skin, using the serum on a daily basis will mean your complexion is visibly smoother, softer and glowing with radiance, immediately.

If you would like more details get in touch, and one of the team will be very happy to help you.

Team Pure-Beauty

Skincare After Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removalIt’s that time of year when hair removal is at the forefront of our minds, with legs being bared in shorts, bikini lines coming under scrutiny on holiday and armpits needing to be fuzz-free for summer dress wearing. If you’ve got to the point where shaving or waxing is just too much bother, you may well decide to opt for laser hair removal to give you a more permanent solution, however this can leave your skin extra-sensitive. We’ve got some tips for ways to ensure that your skin heals properly after laser hair removal with Dermalogica and Decleor’s best products.

Sun Protection

Although baring all in the sun is one of the main reasons for laser hair removal, keeping your skin away from the sun afterwards is very important as it can make sun damage far worse. Use a high protections sun-cream, such as Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50  and consider keeping your sensitive areas covered altogether so that you don’t increase your risk of severe burns.


If you’re having laser on your face to take care of any pesky strays on your top lip or cheek areas, try to avoid wearing make up (except for mineral make-up) for at least a day afterwards. Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 would be the perfect product if you don’t want to go completely bare faced as it not only offers pigmented coverage from earth minerals, it also contains SPF30 which will give you added protection while your skin is sensitive.


Using an ice pack on the areas you’ve had lasered is a good way to reduce redness and sensitivity, so keeping something in the freezer for a few days afterwards would be sensible. Once the initial healing period is out of the way, you may also benefit from using Dermalogica All Over Toner as it cools and soothes the skin – and you can keep it in the fridge for an extra bit of cooling power!


Any type of hair removal can leave your skin feeling dry and lacking moisture, especially laser as it goes beneath the skin to kill the hair follicles, which can have a knock-on effect with the rest of the skin. Using a good moisturiser which is targeted for sensitive areas, such as Decleor Post-Wax Cream – Sensitive Areas will help to replenish lost moisture, allowing your skin to heal itself more effectively.


If you’re having your underarms lasered, it’s necessary to avoid using deodorant for a few days before hand as it can impede the laser’s ability to remove hair effectively. If you feel self-conscious without deodorant, make sure you wash your underarm area regularly to avoid the build-up of bacteria using Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash, which should help you stay fresh.

Summer shaving with Dermalogica

Dermalogica Close Shave Oil

Let’s face it, shaving can be a challenge but it is something you just have to do.

Get it right and you are left with super soft skin, get it wrong and as well as cuts you can also suffer with rashes and ingrowing hairs. Not nice.

At Pure-Beauty we stock are range of first class shaving products from Dermalogica that really do work.

The ‘Dermalogica Shave System’ is an easy to follow, effective three-step regime that delivers not only the closest shave possible but also the healthiest skin ever.

Let’s start with the Dermalogica Close Shave Oil, which is easy to use and suitable for all skin types. This product creates an instant cushion between your skin and razor and is ideal for men who need visibility when working around a goatee or sideburns. To use this product put a few drops into wet palms and smooth over damp skin. Shave, rinsing your razor often, and shave again if so desired for a really clean cut. Not only will the oil mean no nicks, cuts or razor burns, thanks to the natural ingredients your skin will also be left calm, conditioned and smooth.

Not a necessity but the Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub is great preparation for shaving and a real treat for your skin. This dual action exfoliating cleanser removes both oil and dead skin cells and leaves skin clean, clear and ready for a closer shave. Willow Bark Extract and Silica aid the removal of dead skin cells, which in turn controls ingrown hairs. Tea Tree Oil eliminates nasty microorganisms, and helps calm and the skin whilst Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice soothes it and aids the regeneration of damaged tissues. Clever, no?

If you want a barber quality shave at home, we suggest you try the Dermalogica Invigorating Shave Gel. This oil-free shaving gel soothes, cools and softens the skin. The clear formula means you can see you can see the areas that need to be shaved and the result is clean and refreshed skin that looks and feels great. All of this is thanks to the combination of powerful, natural ingredients. Wheat Germ and Yeast extracts combat the irritation and reddening associated with shaving. Clove Flower Oil soothes the skins and lifts beard hair and Tea Tree Leaf Oil adds a cool, calming element. For the best results, apply to clean, damp skin and as you have, rinse the blade often.

Once your skin is shaved, you want to keep in in the best possible condition. This is where the Dermalogica Post Shave Balm comes into play. Much more than a traditional after-shave, this super cooling treatment balm helps reduce discomfort and redness and shortens post-shave recovery time by restoring lost moisture. A unique ingredient complex controls shine and helps prevent ingrown hairs and bumps but doesn’t leave a heavy residue. Once applied, allow to absorb then apply the Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF15, and enjoy your day.

If you want to give these products a go before making a full investment, why not give the Dermalogica Shave System Kit a try?  The pack contains a month’s supply of products for a great shave and healthy skin and we are sure that from your first shave, you will be sold!

If you have questions or concerns about shaving or caring for your skin, get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

Team Pure-Beauty