Give your skin the best night’s sleep

Getting around 8 hours sleep a night is vital for many reasons, and regularly burning the candle at both ends can lead to health problems.

Without adequate sleep, getting through the day can feel like a real struggle, and can in turn lead to stress and emotional exhaustion. The negative effects don’t end there either. The signs of lack of sleep can also start to have physical effects- and your skin is often one of the first things to suffer.

We all know just how important it is to follow a proper skincare routine, and failure to do so, coupled with tiredness, can make skin look dull, and fine lines may start to appear.

If you’ve been feeling tired, and your skin is starting to look in need of a little TLC, Dermalogica have a fantastic range of rich and intensive moisturisers which can work their magic whilst you sleep.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance and Dermalogica Super Rich Repair moisturisers both deliver amazing results in very little time, and can also be used during the day for 24 hour hydration.

Through adding one of these great products to skincare regime, and making a promise to yourself that you WILL get an early night, your skin will start to reap the rewards.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is an intensive masque of concentrated vitamins and botanical extracts designed to calm environmentally-stressed skin. Firming Vitamin A increases elasticity and moisture content while antioxidant Vitamin C aids in collagen synthesis, restoring suppleness. Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 promote healthy tissue regeneration, while calming botanical extracts of Licorice, Comfrey and Burdock soothe the skin.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is part of the Dermalogica Masques range.

RRP: £28.30
Our Usual Price: £22.75
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Offer Start Date: 31/03/2010
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Treating a blemished back

Many people have less than flawless skin on their back, and just because the problem isn’t instantly visible, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t as much of an annoyance as suffering from spots or blemishes on any other part of your body.

The problem with looking after the skin on your back is that it can be difficult to reach, and as we can’t immediately see our backs without the use of a mirror, it can be tricky to determine what condition it is actually in.

Like other parts of the body, spots and blemishes on the back can be caused by a variety of factors- including blocked pores, stress, diet and hormonal changes.

With the warmer spring and summer months just around the corner, many of us will be flashing a great deal of flesh on a regular basis- especially those lucky enough to be going on a foreign holiday. Thankfully, if you start to tackle the issue now, your back will be looking bikini worthy in plenty of time.

The most important part of your back clearing battle is to ensure that skin is squeaky clean. A great way of improving the look and condition of the skin is by alternating between Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub and Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash. The body scrub will help to gently buff away dead skin cells- which will help to keep pores clear, and the body wash is fantastic for ensuring a thorough cleanse without drying out the skin.

However tempting it may be, make sure that you leave any spots on your back well alone- as this could only make the problem worse!

Bare your back with pride this summer, and make annoying spots and blemishes a thing of the past.

Reveal bright and beautiful skin

We all want to look our best, and the condition of our skin plays a major part in this. Bright, healthy looking skin gives a youthful glow, and can really enhance our overall appearance.

Many people think that the only way that they are every going to achieve brighter looking skin is by undergoing expensive surgical procedures and peels, although this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Just by paying a little extra attention to your skin, and picking the right products, you can give it a whole new lease of life.

Drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated can help to make skin look fresher, as can following a healthy, balanced diet.

Your skin care regime is also an extremely important factor in determining how your skin looks, so you need to ensure that you pay a little attention to it.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising in the morning and evening is imperative in keeping your skin looking healthy- as well as for keeping those pesky spots and blemishes at bay.

A great product for brightening up your skin and giving it a little pick-me-up is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Unlike some exfoliants, this product is gentle enough to use as part of your daily skin care regime, and removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

A few simple steps, and you can give your skin a much brighter outlook this spring.