Tips for taming oily skin

The smaller things in life can often be the most irritating, and if you suffer from oily skin there’s no doubt that you will really be able to identify with this.

Although oily skin may only seem like a minor irritant, trying to overcome the problem can be a time consuming- not to mention expensive- task.

Oily skin is generally characterised by excessive shine and large pores, and this type of skin is particularly susceptible to breakouts. The combination of excessive oil and large open pores means that spots can form easily- which can lead to further headaches for the sufferer.

However, with skin products constantly becoming more and more advanced, the good news is that just by bearing a few things in mind and following a few simple steps, you can combat surplus shine.


Some individuals with oily skin believe that if they skip on the moisturiser, this will help to solve the problem. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and as oily skin has the tendency to feel tight, it’s essential that it is moisturised with an oil free product.

Don’t over-cleanse

Whilst it’s tempting to continually wash oily skin, excessive cleansing can strip the skin of essential oils- which may stimulate the oil glands into producing even more.

Choose your products carefully

If you suffer from oily skin, it’s important to use make-up and skin care products that are specially designed for this skin type. Other products may leave your skin more oily- which could lead to spots and blemishes.

Dermalogica have an amazing range of products for oily skin, which will help you to combat oil and achieve a clear and matte complexion.

Keeping makeup in place on combination skin

Applying make-up is one of the best ways to give yourself a little pick me up and make yourself feel confident and glamorous, and their are endless great products on the market today.

However, for those with combination skin, applying make-up, and then keeping it where it should be can be an absolute nightmare!

The thing about combination skin is that different areas of the face often have different needs. Many people with combination skin find that some areas of the face are very dry, whereas other spots are excessively oily. This can make choosing the right products something of a tricky task- especially when it comes to foundation.

If your skin is prone to excessive oiliness, opt for an oil free foundation- this will help to minimise shine and help to prevent your face from feeling like an oil slick by lunchtime.

Those with combination skin often feel that skipping on moisturiser could help to improve the appearance of oily areas, although it can in fact make the problem even worse. Using a light moisturiser such as Dermalogica Active Moist will help to hydrate more parched areas, without contributing to excess oil production.

Those with combination skin should try to avoid constantly reapplying powder- as it could start to look uneven and patchy on both dry and oily areas.

By paying a little extra attention to your combination skin, your make-up will have much more staying power and will serve you well throughout the day.

The key to achieving matte skin

Shiny skin can affect just about anyone, not just those who fall into the oily skin category. It’s safe to say that nobody wants excess shine on the skin, particularly those who wear make-up.

Many factors besides skin type can contribute to the shiny look, including the skin care and make-up products that you use. However, the fab news is that it’s easy to combat shine and achieve matte looking skin all day long.

Even if you have oily skin, it’s still important to moisturise, and a moisturiser that’s suited to your skin should leave it feeling supple rather than slippery. Dermalogica have an unbeatable range of moisturisers that are specially tailored to a range of skin types, so you should be able to find one that’s just right.

In addition to using a suitable moisturiser, it’s also important make sure that any makeup that you use isn’t excessively oily if you’re already prone to shiny skin. Opting for a mineral powder is a great idea, as unlike powders of the past, they won’t look caked on after touch-ups. Skin blotting sheets are also a useful weapon in the fight against shine.

However, if you do suffer from excessively oily skin, try investing in Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion to really wage war against the problem and achieve a long lasting matte look.

Keep shine at bay and look fresh throughout the day.

Moisturising is key in keeping stretch marks at bay

Stretch marks are one of life’s little annoyances, and can affect both men and women. Stretch marks are essentially scars, so once they appear it is incredibly difficult to get rid of them.

Stretch marks most commonly appear due to quick weight gain, pregnancy and speedy muscle gain- basically when skin is caused to stretch quickly.

As the saying goes- prevention is definitely better than cure, and one of the best ways of helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks is by making sure that you keep your skin properly moisturised.

After a bath or shower on a chilly day, it’s all to tempting to dry yourself off and wrap up warm as quickly as possible- skipping moisturising in the process. However, hot water can cause skin to lose a lot of moisture- which makes rehydrating your skin after washing even more important.

Invest in an intense body moisturiser, such as Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream. This moisturiser is a fab all-rounder which absorbs quickly- so you don’t have to stand around shivering in the bathroom whilst you wait for it to dry!

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster is a super-saturated hydration fluid for the driest skin conditions. This intensive hydrating fluid revitalises parched skin, hydrates, smooths and minimizes fine lines with a concentrated blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Glycolipids and Algae Extract to restore moisture balance.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster is part of the Concentrated Booster range.

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