Camouflage your blemishes for flawless looking skin

Even those of us with generally trouble free skin suffer from the occasional unwanted spot or blemish.

There are many reasons why blemishes appear- with blocked pores being the most common factor. However, stress, tiredness and illness can also contribute and our skin can often look a little worse for wear when we are run down.

Preventative measures are always the best way of keeping these unwanted visitors at bay, although in some cases this is not always possible. Drinking plenty of water and ensuring that your skin care regime is up to scratch are both good places to start, and play a huge part in keeping your skin as clear as possible.

However, if you do find yourself with a blemish there’s no need to panic, as you can cover it up effectively just by following a few simple steps, and no one will know that your skin is anything less than perfect!

Before applying any make-up, you need to ensure that the skin is sufficiently moisturised. Failure to moisturise the blemished area may lead to make-up looking dry and flaky- which could draw even more attention to it.

After moisturising, apply an effective concealer- Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment is a great choice as not only does it conceal the blemish, it also helps to prevent it from spreading and leading to further breakouts.

Once you’ve applied the treatment, you can finish with a dusting of your favourite powder for the perfect photo finish.

Diminishing dark circles

Waking up every morning, only to be greeted with dark under-eye circles is definitely not the best way to get the day off to a good start. However, it’s a common problem that most of us will have to deal with at some point in our lives. If you do become victim to the dreaded dark circles though, there’s no need to worry as they are easy to treat and easy to disguise!

Perhaps the most common cause of dark circles is lack of sleep, although they can also be heredity. If they are heredity, the appearance of the dark circles may only start to become noticeable as you get older and your skin starts to change as it ages.

However, if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and getting much less than the recommended 8 hours sleep, making the effort to have a few quiet, early nights in should help to combat the problem.

Whatever the cause, it’s fairly easy to disguise the circles with a carefully applied product. Dermalogica Total Eye Care is a favourite with people of all ages, as not only is it a complete package for the area around the eyes, its tinted formula helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

For darker circles, an extra dab of concealer should help to create the look of bright and awake eyes- so there’s no longer any excuse to arrive at the office looking like you’ve done 10 rounds with Frank Bruno!

Buff those blemishes away

For many people, a bath or shower consists of the use of a body wash and a quick application of moisturiser afterwards. However, in order to keep skin looking in tip top condition it’s also important to exfoliate skin regularly.

Many people exfoliate the skin on their face religiously, although neglect body exfoliation completely. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is the fact that, for much of the year, the body is kept well under wraps- hidden beneath layers of thick clothing. However, it now looks as though the weather is starting to change for the better, and spring is making its mark. The appearance of warmer, sunnier weather also calls for the appearance of more skin though- and this can strike feelings of fear in even the bravest of people!

It needn’t be that way though, as regularly buffing skin will ensure that it is well on its way to being skirt worthy all year round- so you won’t have nightmares about having to bear your blemishes!

Dermalogica’s Ultimate Buffing Cloth is perfect for buffing beginners, and gently gets rid of dull, dead skin that is a prime suspect in the appearance of blemishes- which are a big no-no when you want to bare your legs in the latest mini skirt!

Use in conjunction with Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash for soft, smooth skin that you will be aching to show off!

Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster

Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster is a super-concentrated retexturising fluid that visibly firms and smoothes the skin’s surface. Seaweed Extract, Vitamin C and Protein Peptides tighten the skin, helping to reinforce the firming effect.

Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster is part of the Concentrated Booster range.

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Get your skin squeaky clean

If you’re using a cleanser that is unsuitable for you skin, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your skin is clean, whilst in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth!

In order to keep your clean looking as fresh and clear as possible, it’s important to take your time and choose a cleanser that is not only designed for your skin type, but that is also suitable for your lifestyle.

For example, if you tend to wear a lot of make-up on a daily basis, or work in a dusty or dirty environment, a simple gentle cleanser might not be enough to give your pores the thorough cleanse that they so badly need.

If spots and blemishes have started to appear, and you feel that it may be because your cleanser is letting you down, it’s simple to get your skin squeaky clean and feeling really refreshed.

Firstly, Dermalogica Precleanse will get cleansing well under way, and will penetrate deep into the pores for the ultimate deep clean.

Next, you need to assess your skin type and choose a cleanser accordingly. Again, Dermalogica have an unbeatable range, so whether your skin is dry, oily or combination– there’s a product to suit.

Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser is perfect for shifting stubborn dirt and oil, and will make your skin feel truly amazing and is ideal if you have excessively oily skin.

Cleanse your skin the right way, and experience the feeling of fresh skin like never before!