Sit back, relax and indulge with a Dermalogica face masque

During a busy or boring day at work, there’s nothing quite like looking forward to fleeing the office at 5pm and getting home for a relaxing night of pampering.

Giving yourself a little ‘me-time’ every now and again is essential, and is one of the best ways of relieving stress and completely refreshing yourself.

For years, women (and men!) have found that one of the best ways of relaxing is through applying a face masque. Long gone are the days when a face masque simply consisted of a concoction of oats and honey though- the face masques that are available today can not only help you to relax, but can also really give your skin a boost.

Dermalogica have a fab range of face masques, which can cater for a range of needs and skin types. For those with drier or prematurely aging skin, the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque and Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque are perfect, although if you’re at the other end of the spectrum and have more oily skin, Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque is right up your street.

Dermalogica masques for all skin types are also available– so there’s something for everyone.
Apply your masque, grab some chocolate, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and completely indulge yourself.

Avoiding lasting sun damage

It’s fair to say that most of us have been a little careless and suffered from a touch of sunburn at some point or another. As the British summer is so temperamental, it’s all too easy to step out of the house on a dull, dreary morning, only for hot summer sun to rear its head just a couple of hours later. This is when many people get caught out, particularly when you’re not prepared and aren’t equipped with any sunscreen.

You don’t have to have been in the sun for hours to find yourself graced with red, raw skin though, and unfortunately, even getting burnt once can have lasting negative effects on the skin.

Nobody wants to look old before their time- although if you fail to protect your skin in the sun, you’re certainly on the right road to helping it to age prematurely. Thankfully, the Dermalogica Solar Defence System range can help to prevent burning and help you to avoid any long-lasting damage.

Dermalogica Extra Rich Faceblock is perfect for those in a hurry and with drier skin- as it acts as a 2 in 1 moisturiser and SPF 30.

It’s not just your face that’s susceptible to permanent sun damage- so protect your whole body with Dermalogica Multivitamin Bodyblock SPF 20, which is suitable for all skin types.

Take a look at the Dermalogica Solar Defence System range and don’t let the sun dictate the condition of your skin this summer.

Tips for teen skin

The teenage years are some of the most trying times when it comes to looking after skin, and it needs proper care and attention to keep it looking the best that it possibly can.

The skin of teenagers has completely different requirements to those in their 20s and 30s, so it’s important that the correct products are used- rather than raiding the bathroom cabinet for your mum or older sister’s!

A characteristic of teenage skin is excessive oiliness. This is largely due to hormonal changes, and the production of excess sebum. This is why it’s extremely important for teens to invest in an effective cleanser, as failure to do so could lead to blocked pores- which will quickly result in spots and blemishes. A suitable cleanser is of optimum importance, as it is no longer sufficient to wash your face with any old soap that happens to be in the bathroom, as doing so could mean further skin woes.

Teens should also get into the habit of using a very light oil free moisturiser. This will help to condition and balance the skin, without promoting excess shine or oil.

Beginning a proper skincare regime in your teens is a great way to get yourself into a routine of caring for your skin- and Dermalogica have some fab products that will stand you in good stead for years to come.

It’s all in the eyes

The importance of looking after our skin is drummed into us on a regular basis, and although we know just now vital a good skin care regime is, many people fail to properly address the eye area.

The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate, and it doesn’t take much for daily factors to start to have an adverse effect on it.

Harsh weather conditions, the suns rays and drying eye makeup can all leave the skin in this area looking a little worse for wear.

When the skin around the eyes starts to look a little drab, it can have a negative effect on the overall look of your face. Not only this, but any makeup that you apply in this region can look dry and uneven.

The good news is that it’s now very easy to improve the look of the skin around the eyes, just by investing in the right products and taking a little extra care.

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair is an amazing product which is specially designed to rehydrate the skin and help to minimise the look of fine lines- which are major contributors to skin looking less than its best.

Give your eyes a brightest outlook possible and refresh your entire look.

Exfoliating can instantly reveal smoother skin

For many people, exfoliating is something that is only carried out once in a blue moon, and doesn’t form an integral part of their skin care routine.

If you want to be the proud owner of smooth, silky looking skin though, regular exfoliation is essential.

When it comes to exfoliating, there are many myths flying around. Some of the most common myths are that those with dry or sensitive skin shouldn’t exfoliate, as it could lead to irritation. These are exactly that though- MYTHS- and with the amazing variety of exfoliants which are available for just about every skin type today though, finding the perfect exfoliant has never been easier- and you won’t end up looking red-faced!

Even after exfoliating just once, you’re sure to notice a definite improvement in the look and feel of your skin, and for those who wear makeup, products such as powder, concealer and foundation will glide on the skin much more smoothly.

If you’re ready to take that all-important leap into the world of exfoliation, Dermalogica have a fab range of exfoliants which cater for all skin types. Dermalogica have exfoliants suitable for daily and less frequent use, so whatever your needs you can trust Dermalogica to help you achieve stunningly smooth skin.