Bring the spa to your bathroom

With many of us leading increasingly stressful jobs and busy lifestyles, it is now more important than ever to make sure we take time out to relax and recharge our batteries.

Many people who want to soothe away their stresses opt for a weekend away at a spa, although these breaks can be very expensive. However, it’s not too difficult to bring the spa to your own home- and you can create a peaceful and relaxing environment with ease.

Invest in some scented candles and place them around the bathroom, and make sure you have your favourite magazine or book to hand.

Recreate the spa experience by investing in some top quality products that will get you well on the way to the ultimate relaxation.

Dermalogica Hydro-Active Mineral Salts are fantastic for soaking away the day’s stresses, and a combination of essential and purifying oils makes it the perfect way to really unwind.

Another fab stress buster is Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil, which can be added to your bath to help you forget your troubles.

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa- style soak and refresh your mind and your body.

Start thinking about your summer holiday skin care

If you’re lucky enough to be escaping the country for a much needed bit of hot sunshine this summer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your skincare regime.

It’s all too easy to get over-excited with buying all of those new holiday clothes and beach towels- which means that your skin care regime is pushed firmly to the back of your mind.

However, you should definitely give it a prominent position on your holiday ‘to-do’ list, otherwise you could be risking some severe skin damage.

When it comes to beach holidays, many people are so determined to get a deep tan that they think that skipping the SPF for a few days won’t make a lot of difference. The truth is though, that just a few days in hot Mediterranean sun can cause serious irreversible damage.

You will need at least an SPF30 if you’re travelling to sunnier climes, and you need to ensure that your face as well as your body is fully protected.

Dermalogica Solar Defence System has a great range of products that can help you to keep sun damage at bay. With products these effective, there’s simply no excuse for risking permanent damage to your skin, (not to mention your health.)

Now all you need to do is sit back and hope that the dreaded volcanic ash doesn’t strike again!

Make makeup last longer with a little skin prep

Even the most expensive make-up needs a little helping hand to stay in place, and you can’t expect any product to perform to its full potential without putting a little bit of effort in yourself.

Foundation, powder and concealer in particular need to be applied to carefully prepared skin, otherwise it can look dry, oily or cracked- none of which are a good look!

A proper skin care regime with proper products is key, although there are some products which you can use to enhance this.

Before applying any make-up, you need to make sure that your skin is as smooth as possible- this will ensure that your make-up goes on smoothly, and stays looking that way all day long.

Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub is the perfect product to prep skin, and is a gentle scrub which not only gets rid of surface oil and dirt, but also polishes the skin- leaving it looking and feeling silky soft. This scrub works best after you’ve cleansed skin with your favourite Dermalogica facial wash.

Keep skin feeling luscious for longer by finishing off with a fab Dermalogica Moisturiser, then get started on creating your stunning make-up masterpiece!

Stop premature skin aging dead in its tracks

Nobody wants to look old before their time, which is why so many people spend so much money on fighting the signs of ageing.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are now commonplace in the quest to look eternally youthful, although such extreme measures are not accessible to everyone.

Preventing the premature signs of ageing is preferable to fighting them, which is why it’s never too early to start thinking about how you can keep those fine lines at bay.

There are several factors which contribute to skin ageing prematurely- including poor health, sun damage, extreme climatic conditions, very dry skin and smoking.

If your skin is starting to look a little bedraggled well before its time, the good news is that if you take action now you really can make a visible difference.

The first step in getting your skin back to its supple best is to determine the root cause of premature skin ageing. Not only will this help you to combat the problem, it will also help you to avoid any future issues.

Once you have identified the problem, your next step should be to take a look at some of Dermalogica’s fantastic products for prematurely ageing skin.

From Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque to their great range of cleansers and moisturisers, Dermalogica have everything you need to give your skin a whole new lease of life!

Banish blemishes overnight

Those who regularly suffer from blemishes and breakouts will understand just how annoying it can be to go to bed with smooth, clear skin, only to rise just a matter of hours later to be greeted by an unwanted visitor.

Spots and blemishes appearing overnight are a common occurrence, and a number of factors can contribute to this. Even if you are blessed with clear skin the majority of time, stress, tiredness and the occasional blocked pore can lead to skin looking a little less than fresh.

This is why it’s important that you use a suitable cleanser at all times- even if you’ve been lucky enough to escape any blemishes for as long as you can remember. Spots and blemishes aren’t particularly fussy as to who they target, and whatever your skin type is you still need to ensure that you keep skin as meticulously clean as possible.

Although you can start to treat any unwelcome additions to your skin from the moment you rise, there are also some great products around that can work their magic whilst you snooze.

One of the best overnight treatments for skin is Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, which is specially formulated to target existing breakouts whilst keeping pores as clear as possible in the process.

Beat blemishes at bedtime and wake up to renewed skin confidence.